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Hello! I have been playing D&D 5e for about three years, but I am still new to this site, and am learning about it. I joined D&D Wiki sometime on the morning of September 19th, 2021 so I could make homebrew creatures, and that was actually quite a while ago. If you think that there is an issue with one of my pages, please tell me.

Saying Hi[edit]

Hello there!

Contribs and Stuff[edit]

User creation time: 03:52, 19 September 2021, according to D&D Wiki

My first edit: 04:14, 19 September 2021 on Megoi (5e Creature), according to D&D Wiki

My 10th edit: 13:41, 25 September 2021 on Megoi (5e Creature), apparently

My 100th edit: 03:40, 3 October 2021 on Megoi Summoner (5e Creature), apparently

My 1,000th edit (finally): 10:12, 12 December 2021 on Shayde the Devastator (5e Creature), according to this wiki

>1,000 more edits left until my 10,000th edit

Introduction is Officially OVER[edit]

Ok, now, let's drop this introduction thing and get to this:


These are basically all the pages I created (almost, if you see a page that I created, but is not on this list, please tell me; don't edit my user page as I will just undo it).


Here are almost all the monsters I made (if you see a creature that i created, but isn't on the list, tell me on my talk page; there are a lot of creatures on this list already, but I feel like I made more). I have sorted these into some categories, too.


Megoi (5e Creature)

Megoi Destructor (5e Creature)

Megoi Heavy Elite (5e Creature)

Megoi Super Heavy Elite (5e Creature)

Megoi Mountain Master (5e Creature)

Megoi Summoner (5e Creature)

Arcane Megoi (5e Creature)

Megoi Schooler of Arcane (5e Creature)

Greater Megoi (5e Creature)

Megoi Sword (5e Creature)

Megoi Advanced Sword (5e Creature)

Megoi Heavy Elite (5e Creature)

Megoi Super Heavy Elite (5e Creature)

Megoi Dexterous Elite (5e Creature) (Not Complete)

High CR Creatures[edit]

Firewave (5e Creature) (Work in Progress)

Shayde the Devastator (5e Creature) (Work in Progress)

Ancient Devourer (5e Creature) (Work in Progress)

Other Creatures[edit]

Dust Heap (5e Creature)

Empowered Orc (5e Creature)

Dust Gartherr (5e Creature) (Multiple Creatures)


Here are some creature templates I have made; there are not many; I mostly work on megoi stat blocks and creatures associated with the CR 50+ variant rule, but here are a few (as usual, if you see a page that I created, but is not on the list, tell me on my talk page; please don't edit my userpage).

Inferno (5e Template)

Empowered (5e Template)

Variant Rules[edit]

Here are some variant rules I have made; not too many, once I think of one I will create it; as usual, if you see a page I created that is not on my userpage, please tell me on my talk page. I have categorized these rules:

High CR Supplement[edit]

Characters Beyond 20th level (5e Variant Rule)

Creatures CR 50+ (5e Variant Rule)

Other Variant Rules[edit]

Nothing to show yet


Doom (5e Spell)

Flames of Destruction (5e Spell)


Greater Arcane Adept (5e Class)

Master Brewer (5e Class)

Deity Pages[edit]

Shayde (5e Deity) (This page is a deity page for Shayde)

Ancient Devourer (5e Deity)


Arcanetarakk, B8 (5e Equipment)

Splitter Axe (5e Equipment)

Staff of Shayde (5e Equipment)

Siege Equiptment[edit]

The Triple Super Cannon (5e Equipment)


Firewave's Treasure Hoard (Other)

Dust Gartherr Lifespan (5e Other)

FGtC Introduction (Other)

Talk Pages[edit]

Feel free to post any comments regarding my creations on the corresponding talk pages, preferably before you edit the page.

WIP Pages[edit]

If a page of mine has the WIP disclaimer, feel free to post any possible improvements on the talk pages. Please do not edit those pages without asking on the talk page, as they are still being revised.

High CRs[edit]

Yep, I am the user who created those two variant rules, mostly for reference about those powerful creatures. Assuming you want to use one of the creatures listed here under "List of Creatures CR 81 or more, but don't get the idea of a major aspect there, please tell me. The creatures are on that list because they are more powerful than most creatures that use the CR 50+ variant rule, and are not to be used on even the most powerful 20th level party, they will need characters beyond 20th level.

Editing High CRs[edit]

When it comes to editing a page of CR 81 or higher, please tell me what aspects of the page you want to edit first, either on that creature's talk page, or mine. Please do not edit the mechanical statistics of the creature without saying that you will, as above.

Ability Scores on High CRs[edit]

You may have noticed that all the creatures on the list linked above have ability scores higher than 30. Please do not change their ability scores, as I actually have way to explain that, on the CR 50+ page.

Maintenance Templates on High CRs[edit]

I would like if you did not put any maintenance templates on those high CR pages described above without telling me first, unless it is {{needsbalance}} or {{stub}} and you can provide a good reason. Those pages technically shouldn't show up on those maintenance template searches.

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