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Firewave's Treasure[edit]

Firewave has an enormous treasure hoard deep within his lair. It is where any items forged in Firewave's mines are put, as well as where any item that Firewave finds. Adventurers who kill Firewave and his troops and minions will be able to take this ancient hoard.

Gold Rewards[edit]

Gold Rewards
15,050,000 (100,000d100 + 10,000,000) 15,947,444 (88,000d20 + 15,023,444) 1,485,082 (90,000d12 + 900,082) 13,320,000 (200,000d10 + 12,220,000) 1,395,000 (110,000d8 + 900,000)

Magic Item Rewards[edit]

Firewave has thousands of magic items in his hoard, some of which were forged in his mines. Use Xanathar's Guide to Everything for major and minor items.

Magic Items
Common Items (minor) Uncommon Items (minor) Rare Items (minor) Very Rare Items (minor) Uncommon Items (major) Rare Items (major) Very Rare Items (major) Legendary Items (major)
163 319 278 242 283 346 228 244

Mine Monster[edit]

Firewave's treasure hoard is located below the mine chamber, and it is where Firewave's last line of defense lurks. A character that enters the treasure hoard must make a DC 27 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, the creature wakes the Mine Monster. When woken, the mine monster ( attacks the creature that woke it. When killed, the treasure hoard is to the adventurers.

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