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Arcanetarakk Armor, B8

Medium Armor
Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
2,500 gp 16 + Dex modifier (max 2) Str 15 Disadvantage 40 lb.

Arcanetarakk armor is a type of large medium armor created through advanced smithing techniques by the megoi. Arcanetarakk B8 armor has slightly better protection than half plate, and the armor is similar in style to it except this armor has chain mail protecting the upper arms, upper legs, and joints. It is said that there are 84 types of arcanetarakk armor that is organized into 5 types, A armor (9 types), B armor (13 types), C armor (25 types), D armor (20 types), and E armor (17 types), but most types of armor are uncraftable by non-megoi. For example, besides this armor, one of the other prominent arcanetarakk armor known outside of the megoi, the arcanetarakk B1, is worn by a variety of types of megoi like the megoi destructors.

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