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This is a Userpage

Yes, shocking though it may be, this is a User Page. I, the User to whom this page belongs, am known as Nuke_The_Earth. Don't worry though, fiery immolation isn't due till 2180 or so.

According to my registration email, I joined this wiki on Monday, October 28th, 2019, at about 10:48 PM. I joined because I saw an item that caught my eye, and wanted to make something similar. Unfortunately, I had a great deal more enthusiasm than sense at the time, and so the item I was making ended up absolutely terrible and massively unbalanced. It was deleted, and good riddance to it.

There's not really a moral to this story, but if you want one anyway, then I would tell you this: Making stuff isn't easy, and it's certainly not simple. It is, however, fulfilling. So go on and make whatever glorious mess is knocking around in your brain. Just slam it out in all its hideous, unrefined glory. Then, come on over to the wiki's Discord server and get it peer-reviewed. We'll tell you when stuff is stupid, or poorly-worded, or just plain overpowered, but we'll also tell you when you have a good solid core idea, and we'll give you some advice on how to make it work. Some of the best stuff on this wiki has come from some guy with no idea what they were doing. Some of the greatest classes, or races, or settings, or items, that this wiki has, have been polished and cared for and worked on over weeks, months, or even years by wiki users just like you.

Go on out there and make stuff, bud. You've got this.

My Contributions

Personal Work

This is a list of stuff that I made myself, and brought to its current state. Some of it still needs work... a lot of work.


Eldritch Knight, Variant Heavily work-in-progress, based on the variant from Arceroth's Tides of Magic.


Arachnaphant (5e Creature) It's a giant spider elephant that vomits yet more spiders at you. What's not to like?

Face Eater (5e Creature) It's a tiny Cloaker that eats your face. Yes, I know I'm a monster. Stop repeating yourself, rhythm brings sandworms.


Minotaur, Old Blood (5e Variant) This is meant to be a rework of Minotaurs into something folks would actually want to play, as opposed to "Dur hur, I smack 'em with my horns". The general theme is meant to be a very physical race, full of grappling, charging, and shoving. It's not quite finished, I still need to fix its lore and stuff, but the racial traits are peer-reviewed and should be usable.


Gunslinger's Bandolier (5e Equipment) A handy bandolier that keeps your guns in your hands, and out of others.

Gunslinger's Duster (5e Equipment) A rugged westerner's coat, good for keeping out the weather and a little more besides.

Gunslinger's Stetson (5e Equipment) A wide-brimmed hat, good for keeping the sun out of your eyes.

Wardstone (5e Equipment) A cheap talisman made to keep you standing just a little longer.


Wraithblade (5e Equipment) Magic ghost-infused weapon, lets you do stuff in the Ethereal Plane. Probably great for rogues!


Grappler, Variant (5e Feat) It's the Grappler feat, but it's actually useful.

Rescued Pages

These pages were not made by me, but I am the primary contributor of them, which is fancy wiki-speak for 'most of what's written here is stuff I wrote'. Some of my favorite stuff is in here.


Fencer (5e Subclass) Zorro, The Dread Pirate Roberts, Puss in Boots, whoever. Point is, you are very good with a sword.


Ankylosaurus, Variant (5e Creature) My favorite herbivorous dino.


Shade, Variant (5e Race) Those nigh-immortal dudes from Eragon, as a playable race. Mechanically mostly finished, but the fluff needs work.


Arc Bolt (5e Spell) (1st) It's a single-target spell that turns into an AOE if you're lucky. Also, it's lightning damage.

Death Coil (5e Spell) (1st) A handy save-or-suck restraint spell with a brief duration, useful against less brawny opponents in combat.

Searing Orb (5e Spell) (1st) Like Fire Bolt, but slightly worse, and there's less worry about missing.

Ball Lightning (5e Spell) (2nd) It's basically just Flaming Sphere but lighting, with a bigger AOE but less damage as a tradeoff. Also, you can make it explode.

Blood Lance (5e Spell) (2nd) Sacrifice blood on the altar of power to annihilate your enemies.

Echoes of Agony (5e Spell) (3rd) Implant a seed of darkness within your enemies to corrupt and corrode their flesh.

Finnegan's Forceful Fusillade (5e Spell) (3rd) Briefly become a magical ballista, and poke holes in anything that annoys you.

Font of Anguish (5e Spell) (3rd) BASK IN THE AGONY AND ECSTACY OF NECROMANTIC MIGHT- I mean uh, pay no mind to the horrible soul portal behind the curtain...

Hashnad's Shadowy Tendrils (5e Spell) (3rd) Summon a cloud of freaky tentacles to blind and confuse your enemies.

Isband's Freezing Chains (5e Spell) (3rd) Conjure icy chains to bind your enemies

Abyssal Invocation (5e Spell) (4th) Something something deal with a devil. Probably needs a formatting rewrite.

Al-Taraj's Shockspire (5e Spell) (4th) Raise a field of very angry lightning rods.

Fayne's Fiery Flagellation (5e Spell) (4th) Set your sword on fire, and send forth burning waves to ignite your enemies.

Radiant Aura (5e Spell) (4th) Light can heal, and light can burn. Why not both at the same time?

Astral Release (5e Spell) (5th) When you're dumped into an encounter 3 CR levels above your own, and you're bleeding out on the ground, sometimes you just need a magic nuke.

Magic Missile Storm (5e Spell) (5th) Exactly what it says on the tin.

Mùspelflame (5e Spell) (5th) Clerics don't get Fireball, but at least this is better than Flame Strike. Considered finished, in Schrodinger's sense - I might leave it, I might rework it entirely.

Lindwurm Conflagration (5e Spell) (6th) Wizards can play Snake. They usually murder things while doing so, but they don't need a Nokia!

Essence Siphon (5e Spell) (6th) It's, uh, a healing spell... right... just ignore the enemy's horrified screams, they probably deserved it anyway.

Force Lightning (5e Spell) (6th) POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!

Create Soul Gem (5e Spell) (9th) A poor man's Phylactery. I recommend coating yours in Adamantine, it might make you live longer.

Greatwyrm's Wrath (5e Spell) (9th) Hans... Bring me every flammenwerfer you have. Wait... wait. I worry that what you just heard was 'bring me a lot of flammenwerfers'. What I said was give me every flammenwerfer you have. Do you understand?

Mundane Items

Bipod (5e Equipment) Look, it just makes sense that you'd be able to fire a crossbow from prone without disadvantage. I'm talking snipers, here.

Compound Bow (5e Equipment) Deals more damage than a longbow, has slightly less range.

Kite Shield (5e Equipment) A heavier shield meant for mounted combat, though still usable on foot.

Rope Dart (5e Equipment) It's a fancy spike on a string, and it can kill stuff from moderately far away. Good for monks.

Trench Knife (5e Equipment) Not very complicated. It's a knife, with a brass knuckle grip. It's hard to drop.

Weighted Gauntlet (5e Equipment) Beat people to death with your fists, in style.


Warpfire Venom (5e Equipment) A volatile and highly toxic venom with debilitating effects.

Wolfsbane (5e Equipment) A lethal poison capable of causing paralysis and death.

Magic Items

Adamantine Ring (5e Equipment) A Ring of Protection that grants immunity to critical hits, like Adamantine armor.

Bracer of Barriers (5e Equipment) It's a magic energy shield, what more do you want?

Cloak of Menacing (5e Equipment) Very useful for going incognito or general dealings with the underworld.

Fallen Godsblade (5e Equipment) Holy Avenger Lite. Less 'buff my allies' and more 'smite my enemies'.

Metallurgist's Ring (5e Equipment) Handy little ring that's good for metalworking.

Usekh of the Dragon (5e Equipment) A little bit cursed, but that's the price you pay for magic fire breath.

Vestments of Expert Elusion (5e Equipment) A protective bodysuit that enhances agility.


Improved Uncanny Dodge (5e Feat) Become a master of evasion, and no-sell attacks. Nah, you didn't hit me, I totally dodged it.

Martial Master (5e Feat) Improved Battlemaster: The Feat. Seriously, this is some good stuff.

April Fools Items

Homeopathic Potion (5e Equipment) It's like a healing potion, but not.

To-Do List

Pages I plan to fix up in the future, but haven't gotten around to yet.

Rockform (5e Spell)


A pile of all the other stuff that I have in here. If you're one of my players, scram. If not, go ahead and peruse my madness.

Campaign Journal


Good Spells for Eldritch Knights

(And other gish builds)

Armour of Jenova (5e Spell) (1st) Why yes, I would love to surround myself in an aura of murderslaughter.

Enhanced Durability (5e Spell) (1st) Temporary hit points are pretty good, and the +2 AC doesn't hurt either.

Surge (5e Spell) (1st) Trade an action to turn a bonus action into a full action. Kinda underwhelming, but with the movespeed bonus it's a great spell for when you can't quite close to melee range this turn.

Flame Charge (5e Spell) (2nd) Turn yourself into an angry sword meteor for a minute or so. Handy for loud exfiltrations.

Good Kit for Rogues

Armor of the Darkest Night (5e Equipment) Advantage on stealth, and a situational +2 to AC. Absolutely worth it.

Glamoured Armor (5e Equipment) Particularly powerful for a changeling. Become an entirely different person with a wildly different wardrobe in the span of roughly 6 seconds.

Weapon of Unerring Accuracy, +1, +2, or +3 (5e Equipment) A native bonus to attack rolls, and a situational plus FIVE to one roll. For when you really gotta hit.

Eagle Bow (5e Equipment) A bonus to attack and damage rolls, doubled range, and all the benefits of Eyes of the Eagle. What's not to like?

Manslayer (5e Equipment) I demand more dice.

Poisoned Dagger (5e Equipment) Apply Purple Worm poison. Revel in infinite +12d6. Moar. Dice.

Shiv of Opportunistic Preying (5e Equipment) Has a neat save-or-suck mechanic that I'll probably turn into an alternate Assassin feature eventually.

Specialist Ammunition

Ancient Arrow (5e Equipment) 4d10 extra damage, plus an instakill if the shot brings it below 50 hp, plus sneak attack, Sharpshooter, and poison, and you can assassinate just about anything.

Arrow of Razorwind (5e Equipment) Splits into three arrows. I wonder if all can benefit from both poison and Sharpshooter. If so, as above: insane for an assassin.

Arrow of the Assassin (5e Equipment) I mean, it's kind of in the name. Less powerful than the others, but a +2 attack bonus is still useful, especially with Sharpshooter.

Highwire Ammunition (5e Equipment) Might be helpful for infiltrations. And exfiltrations. And maybe making tripwires, or electrocuting someone, or anything you'd need a metallic cord for.

Needle Ammunition (5e Equipment) A cheap way to get a +1 bonus, just in case you need one.

Explosive Arrows (5e Equipment) A cheap way to deal a little extra damage, just in case you need to.

Red-Tailed Arrow (5e Equipment) Literally insane when combined with Sharpshooter. Can you say 60d6?

Alternate Assassin Features

Adaptive Toxins

At 9th level, you have made extensive study of various exotic physiologies, and are capable of creating poisons tailored specifically for a particular type of creature.

Choose any creature type, excluding Constructs and Elementals. You may use a poisoner's kit to adapt a poison of your choice to function with greatly enhanced lethality against creatures of that type. Adapting a poison in this manner takes one hour and an amount of materials worth one tenth of the poison's base price.

Creatures that are subject to damage from a poison that has been adapted for use against them with neither resistance nor immunity to poison damage count as vulnerable to the damage of the adapted poison. Creatures with resistance to poison damage do not count as resistant to damage from an adapted poison, and creatures with immunity to poison damage count as being resistant instead. Creatures with immunity to the poisoned condition are not immune to the effects of an adapted poison.

Cloaked in Darkness

At 13th level, your presence is so subtle that not even magic can detect you. You can be neither targeted by nor perceived through any form of divination magic. Additionally, you can attempt to hide when you are lightly obscured from the creature from which you are hiding, and while hidden in dim light or darkness, you are considered invisible.

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