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Create Soul Gem
9th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 8 hours
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (A discolored jewel that costs at least 1,000 GP, a willing subject in possession of their own soul)
Duration: Instantaneous

You seal a being's soul into a gem, granting them a profane form of immortality.

In order to cast this spell, a willing subject in possession of their own soul is necessary. If the subject is not willing, or if they do not possess a soul, the spell fails.

Place the gem in direct contact with the body of the subject. At the conclusion of the spell's casting, the subject's soul is removed from their body and sealed within the gem, leaving a metaphysical tether between the two. The Soul Gem is now the repository of the subject's soul, and they cannot be killed by normal means. When the subject drops to 0 hit points, instead of falling unconscious, they will instead become Incapacitated and fall Prone for 1d4 hours, after this time is up they will regain 1 hit point and both conditions will end. So long as the Soul Gem remains within 100 feet of the body, no outward effect is noticeable. The soul retains full control of the body, which functions as normal, and for all purposes is considered alive. If the Soul Gem is removed from the vicinity of the subject, however, the body is immediately rendered unconscious, and cannot be awakened by any means.

If the Soul Gem is not returned within seven days, the body dies. It is treated as a corpse, and unless preserved by a spell such as Gentle Repose, it decays as normal. So long as the Soul Gem is missing, the body cannot be the target of any spell made to raise it as undead, or attempting to resurrect it. If the Soul Gem is returned to the body after it dies, the body is immediately reanimated under the control of the soul within, and is considered Undead for all purposes except spells capable of restoring the body to life. Spells attempting to restore the body to life can now succeed, though the soul remains sealed within the gem.

If the body is thoroughly destroyed, such as by fire, disintegration, or any other effect that would remove anything recognizable as remains, it cannot be reanimated, though the body may be restored by spells such as Clone or Wish.

The Soul Gem is fragile, and if it breaks, the soul dies with it. It is then treated as if it had freshly died, and resurrection spells function as normal.

If the Soul Gem is touched by anyone other than the individual whose soul resides within, both individuals make a Constitution saving throw, taking 3d6 psychic damage on a failure.

A Soul Gem is permanent save for three exceptions:

  • The aforementioned destruction of the Soul Gem, which results in the trapped soul being able to be resurrected.
  • Casting Wish to negate the Soul Gem as if it never happened.
  • Casting a 9th-Level Dispel Magic spell while the Soul Gem is held closely to its owner, therefore returning the soul back to its owner.

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