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Elemental Plane of Wood[edit]

The Plane of Wood is made of trees, some larger than anything on the material plane, growing out of eachother. Because of the oddities of how gravity works, falling isn't actually a hazard unless you get away from the branches. It has all the plant life of thousands of material ecosystems, from forests to grasslands on the side of tree trunks, and very little of the animal life. Bees are the most common animals on the Plane of Wood, as they are considered by the plants to be harmless. The bees on the plane of wood are subtly altered by the plane, however, being more integrated into the plane's collective conciousness.

All plant life on the Plane of Wood is, in a sense, a single entity, albeit one constantly struggling with itself. All plants, plant creatures, and native elementals are aware of the presence and general emotional state (but not location) of all other plants, plant creatures, and native elementals within 200 feet, except for those that are specifically hiding. This awareness is not just knowledge, but feeling; feeling another's calm makes the plant calm, and anothers' distress is likewise echoed. Certain bee hives are also able to share in this awareness, but only at a hive level (individual bees do not, but the hive does). These bees will emerge to sting creatures they catch harming their plants. Harvesting anything more than ripe disposable fruit from plants causes them distress, bringing down the wrath of the plane on the interloper. But the plane doesn't have too long of a memory, or much ability to track people; if you're able to get away from where you did your damage without being seen, you're safe until you harm the plants again.

Some vermin, such as giant ants and termites, also make their homes within the trees of the Plane of Wood, finding themselves in a constant war with the native plant life to carve out a settlement. Likewise, there are herbivorous scavengers that only eat dead plants. There are many tunnel complexes in the plane that were once giant ant colonies before being exterminated by the plants, or that starved after having killed the land. Predators are also accepted by the planar natives, but rare across most of the plane because there's nothing for them to eat.

If you stay still on the Plane of Wood, you will be overgrown. This takes too long for anyone to really notice while awake, but if you stay in one place for about four hours you become entangled. After about eight or nine hours you can't generally brush your way out and have to cut yourself out, which the plane tends to frown upon. Burial takes several days, and even then, you're mostly buried in vines and branches. Despite what travellers tales may say, even if you stay still for years you are unlikely to actually get absorbed into a tree.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Gravity on the Plane of Wood is normal in strength, but strange in direction; it points toward the largest nearby trunk or limb when outside. When inside, it generally bends slowly toward the originating trunk (in a limb) or the origin of the trunk (in a trunk). Trees grow out of eachother at odd angles, due to the strangeness of the gravity. Gravity near the bottoms of trees and the bases of limbs, though, generally is unaffected, sometimes for as much as 20 feet along the tree or limb. Small trees (less than about one or two hundred feet tall) do not generate their own gravity. Because of the way gravity works, many of the plane's trees actually have their thickest points well away from their base.
  • Time: Time travels normally in this plane. But it is basically impossible as there are no stars or Rana.
  • Size: Apperently Infinite as no one has found an edge as of yet.
  • Morphic: Divinely Morphic.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Energy Dominance: Major Wood Dominance.
  • Alignment Trait: None.
  • Magic Trait:

Impeded Magic: Any spell which is designed to deal damage, harm, or wither plants (Or Creatures with the Plant Type) is impeded.

Enhanced Magic: Any spell that is designed to heal, plant, or grow plants (Or Creatures with the Plant Type) is effected by Maximised and Extended Metamagic.

Plane Links[edit]

Other elements leech in to the Plane of Wood on occasion. Water leechings form huge lakes in the cracks in the bark of larger trees, although most eventually seep into the tree, causing it to flourish if fresh or creating an area of blight if salty. Fire leechings are also noticeable, as they form massive brushfires that run along the plane, sometimes even scorching through the thick ground bark and burning entire limbs away. Earth leechings are quickly overgrown and integrated into the plane. The most commonly noticeable, though, are positive vortices, regions that grow thick, augmented by the Minor Positive-Dominant trait; some such areas also glow brightly, although the overgrowth in and around them usually masks this.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

The plane is mainly home to only its Native Elementals, Plants, and The Amber Bees which tend to the flora as guardians.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Movement is strange in the Elemental Plane of wood because of all the branches and strange gravity. But the Wood Elementals that live here aren't impeded at all as they have the "Wood Glide" ability. This gives them a huge advantage over non-natives.

Features of the Plane[edit]

This plane is very similar to a colossal jungle. Except there is only plants. Every species of plant exists here so there is huge variety.

Planar Encounter Table[edit]

Will add soon.

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