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I'm a homebrewer, tried to make a setting. Realised it wasn't very good. I barely go to this site anymore and do all my homebrew on another site, but I still think this site should be improved, to at least mend abit of its damaged repuation.

My Campaign[edit]

My Finished Contributions[edit]

Most of my Homebrew is part of my campaign setting and isn't posted on this list.

  1. Naïlo's Match
  2. Naïlo's Cyclone
  3. Return Of The Dead Soul
  4. Animate Dead, Greater
  5. Corrupt Water
  6. Mark Of Failure
  7. Naïlo's Repressed Memory
  8. Naïlo's Repulsion
  9. Paladin, Variant
  10. Armor Of Flesh
  11. Naïlo's Bolt
  12. Naïlo's Anger
  13. Naïlo's Swarm
  14. Naïlo's Security Beacon
  15. Maxim's Escape Dummy
  16. Acrosapien
  17. Naïlo's Murder

To Be Finished[edit]

  1. Disciple of the Royal Blood
  2. Bender of the Sanguine
  3. Binder
  4. BoneClaw Vindicator
  5. Blades of Keran

I also moved the following[edit]

  1. Boneshifter (Class)
  2. Book Of Gears (Frank & K Tome)
  3. Congealing Consumption (Tome of Necromancy)
  4. Air (Sphere)

My Maps[edit]

Keran Map.jpg
National Map.jpg
Coloured Map.jpg
Terrain Map.jpg
Kratoa Map.png
World Keran.jpg

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