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Any origin can be used to create your character. To generate a "canon" character, roll two origins on the following table:

d20 Origin
1 Captain
2-3 Commando
4 Field Mechanic
5 Field Medic
6-7 Android
8 Robot
9 Clone
10 Berzerker
11-12 Operator
13-14 Telepath
15 Politician
16 Combat Engineer
17 Gunslinger
18 Hyperneural
19 Infiltrator
20 Telekinetic

The party are part of a resistance group (such as Rebelstar) aiming to defeat Main-Comp. Possible PC backstories:

  • Humans and colonists who have escaped from planets undergoing Red Shift enslavement,
  • Those that Joe Capricorn trusts, and personally invited to join the cause,
  • Androids or gynoids either designed by Dino's workshop, or captured and coverted corporate models,
  • Mercenaries and other rogues who have joined the rebellion with the promise of supplies and technology,
  • Clones resulting from Capricorn's genetic programs, or Projects who have defected from Red Shift.
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