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The default Future equipment was written with this setting in mind, so you can choose freely from it. Below is further information on specific items.


Light Armor[edit]

Vacuum Suit (Level 1)

These are form-fitting suits designed to protect the wearer from the vacuum of space. They are manufactured by hundreds of different corporations, and spacecraft crews expect them to be standard issue. They are tough enough to protect from high-velocity particles, and provide insulation from a broad range of temperatures. They have a detachable, sealed helmet and ports to fit oxygen tanks. A self-sealing polymer layer prevents pressure loss for a limited number of punctures. Some models have additional layers of hard Duralite or Trialium.

Provides +3 AC, and the wearer adds their Dexterity or Intellligence modifier to their AC.

  • Cost: 25 credits

Hard Armor[edit]

Storm Armor (Level 1)

Worn over a vaccum suit, this suit includes a cuirass and helmet of Coralloy or stressed Plasteel. Whilst the joints have powered support, this bulky suit still restricts movement and is generally only worn by breaching units, bomb disposal teams, or hazardous environment specialists.

Provides +7 AC, and the wearer reduces their Speed by 1.

  • Cost: 50 credits


Ballistic Shield (Level 1)

Constructed from stressed Plasteel.

Provides +1 AC, wielder can only hold a one-handed weapon.

  • Cost: 25 credits
Photon Shield (Level 2)

Laser firearms the most common kind of ranged weapon in the rebelstar universe. The photon shield is thus an important development, and manafactured by multiple corporations. Nominally a grip with a power cell, when activated a polarized laser disc of 1 foot radius appears to help deflect incoming photon beams.

Provides +1 AC, Resist Photon 2, wielder can only hold a one-handed weapon.

  • Cost: 31 credits


Most firearms in Rebelstar inflicts photon or thermal damage. These are the cheapest non-physical damage type mods. This is important for combat in zero gravity.

Weapons Type Ability Accuracy Damage [W] Range Mods Level Cost Notes
Pistol One-handed light gun Dex/Int +4 1d8 physical 10 squares - 1 25 A slugthrower commonly assigned to operatives and other civilians.
Laspistol One-handed light gun Dex/Int +4 1d8 photon 10 squares Photon 2 31 Standard military sidearm.
Laser Carbine One-handed heavy gun Str/Con +2 2d6 photon 10 squares Photon, Automatic 2 156 The SMG of the laser weapon family, this high-powered gun is effective at neutralizing tough-but-slow targets at close range.
Las-Rifle Two-handed light gun Dex/Int +4 1d12 photon 20 squares Photon, Targeting 3 181 Standard military issue laser weapons, they are accurate and effective at range but do not compare favorably to the more common Laser Carbine for close-in firefights.
Zeeker One-handed light gun Dex/Int +4 1d8 photon 10 squares Photon, Homing 5 231 Normally mounted on light patrol droids.


Prototypes cannot be purchased. They are awarded to players in a treasure parcel, and have additional rules for burnouts and salvage.

Photon (Level 2)

Designed by Joe Capricorn's ablest weaponsmith, Dino, these are close range weapons with a very high rate of fire. But they are inaccurate at anything other than close range. See Photon Repeater (4e Future Prototype)

Starbolt (Level 4)

Capricorn's best design, the Starbolt is the deadliest weapon in 'Rebelstar Raiders'. They are explosive weapons which destroy almost anything they hit. But they suffer from a lack of range and ammunition. Never the less the weapon is the most effective of all weapons. See Starbolt (4e Future Prototype)


In the Rebelstar setting, energy shields are less effective. Any non-physical damage counts double against the temporary hit points provided by energy shields (rather than just electric damage).

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