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The primary adversary for Rebelstar squads are the robots and machines produced by Main-Comp to enslave humanity.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 6

(To do: Androids, Master Droid, Sentry Droid, Servo-droid for levels 6 - 10)


Secondarily, Main-Comp's machine forces are supported by humans or cyborgs. They are often coerced to fight with the robots, but may include mercenaries or people who have been programmed. Unfortunately, Rebelstar squads may sometimes be forced to fight groups entirely composed of humans in order to further the primary goal of defeating Main-Comp.

Level 1

(To do: Operatives for levels 6 - 10)


Tertiary opponents include indigenous lifeforms and aliens.

(To do: Swamp Rats, Tanglers and Aliens of Thray 6, levels 11 - 15)

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