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Please do not vandalize pages of my creation (or at all). Feel free to correct any spelling mistakes, though.

Race/Template Creation/Development[edit]

I am particularly good at creating and developing races and templates, so if someone gets stuck at doing either, they can leave me their parameters and I could do it for them.

A side note though, I have a little problem at balancing.

Another side note, I am very good at creating monstrous races (races based on monsters from real-life folklore and modern fiction).

Magic vs. Epic (+6)[edit]

I should probably clarify this, since this is a fundamental concept in any race/template I create: I don't always consider epic (+6) as magic. I find this separation very important, since an attack doesn't have to be magical to be extraordinarily devestating, and it isn't uncommon for a creature to be resilient to mormal damage but not to devestating one.

An attack can be epic (+6) without being magical. Thus, if I write damage reduction/epic (+6), this is notably not the same as damage reduction/magic, epic (+6). The former can be bypassed by any epic (+6) attack, whereas the latter can only be bypassed by magical epic (+6) attacks. Naturally, the same rules apply, in reverse, for weapons, both man-made and natural: as example, a natural attack that is treated as an epic (+6) weapon for the purpose of overcoming DR is unable to bypass damage reduction/magic.

My Creations[edit]

Any race/template I created with LA higher than 12 isn't intended to be used by player characters in regular games. If you choose to allow it, it can majorly effect the campaign.

Most of my races/tamplates/classes are designed to work with the following variant rules (which I created):

Races I Created[edit]

Templates I Created[edit]

Spells I Created[edit]

Equipment I Created[edit]

Classes I Created[edit]

Others I Created[edit]

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