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Pseudo Immortal[edit]

Pseudo immortals aren't actually immortal; rather, they self-revive if are killed and reincarnate when die of old age, and also possess longer lifespan than the average for their species.

Creating a Pseudo Immortal[edit]

Pseudo immortal is an inherited template that can be applied on any mortal (having limited lifespan) sentient creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A pseudo immortal uses all the base creature’s statistics, abilities and special abilities except as noted here.

Hit Dice: Increase all current and future HD by 1 level.

Speed: All types of speed are doubled. If the base creature has flight speed, increase the maneuverability by one level.

Armor Class: The base creature’s natural armor bonus improves by +2.

Special Qualities: A pseudo immortal retains all the base creature's special qualities, and also acquires the following:

Longevity (Ex): Pseudo immortals have fourfold as long lifespan compared to that of the base creature, and matching decelerated aging, from the maturity and further.

Self-Revival (Ex): Each time a pseudo immortal dies, they self-resurrect a minute (10 rounds) after they died as through the use of the spell True Resurrection. However, they cannot self-revive if they were killed by an epic (+6) magical weapon or effect. In such case, they die for good.

Reincarnation (Ex): Each time a pseudo immortal dies of old age, they reincarnate as a newborn specimen of their kind. While they retain this template, they don't retain any other quality or feature they had in their past lives in their new lives (although they may still regain memories from their past lives through dreams), and are, by all accounts, perfectly new beings.

Rapid Healing (Ex): Pseudo immortals heal very quickly; they restore 1 hp per 3 minutes of activity or 1 hp per minute of rest, 1 point of ability damage per 3 minutes and 1 point of drained ability per hour. They also have a +12 bonus on Fortitude saves.

Abilities: Strength +6, Dexterity +2, Constitution +4, Intelligence +2, Wisdom +2. Pseudo immortals are more powerful than average members of their kind.

Skills: Pseudo immortals gain a +2 bonus on Concentration checks. In addition, if this isn't their first lifetime, they gain an additional +2 bonus on all Knowledge checks.

Feats: Pseudo immortals gain the feat Endurance.

Challenge Rating: The base creature's CR +1.

Alignment: Any, usually the regular for the base creature.

Advancement: By HD or by class.

Level Adjustment: +2.

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