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If you are reading this, it proves that you have too much free time on your hands. That said, I took the time to write this thing, so I'm even more guilty.

I am DM returning from a four year sabatical, and have been a player since third grade. I've found this site to be an invaluable resource. I will be contributing some updated versions of my older creations, and some pieces from my old D&D books (First edition). Some of my specific knowledge is a little outdated, but I'm trying hard to improve. I am a student and a writer in my free time, and I hope to eventually get something published. I often use DnD as an exercise when I encounter writers block, which is apparently a CR 14 creature.

Contributions thusfar[edit]

Working on:[edit]

Dust Bunny and Dust Bison creatures

Quest: Myth Lisan

New feats: 0-cost and -1 cost feats, such as Kleptomaina(Mild, Moderate, Severe)

Wild magic feats

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