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Gods get bored easily, it seems, which makes sense, since immortality is a heavy, heavy load to carry. The Ambriosia of the gods (Not to be confused with Ambrosia of the gods, their drink of choice) appears to be an attempt to lighten this burden by introducing a bit more originality into the pantheon. This potion is usually left in 'random' places for chosen(This can be read as 'Screwed') people to find. If the person ignores the misspelling and drinks the potion, they are granted powers and abilities. This, of course, comes at a price (Tymora said at the time of the potion's creation that it "Builds character"). The price comes later, after the victim learns of his new state.


Anyone who drinks the potion finds themselves instantly transformed into a demi-god. The player receives a title chosen by the DM.

Drinkers of the potion gain several powers, including:

  • Technically immortal: The drinker is not actually immortal, but is simply annoyingly hard to kill, a trait that many gods use to make the Chosen One's life hell. They are immune to all CL 12 power and under weapons, and any offensive spell under level seven bounces off.
  • Godlike body: The drinker receives +10 in All their attributes, saves, AC, and initiative.
  • Astral form: The drinker can enter the astral plane at will, body deconstructing as they leave and reconstructing when they enter another plane.

Drinkers also receive other powers based on their title.

The 'Cost'[edit]

By drinking the Ambriosia, you are signing yourself over to be the plaything of the gods. You are their pawn, their pet, and the thing they throw their newest creations at to 'test' them. If the drinker does manage to survive for long enough, the gods will become bored and, depending on how the character has performed, will grant them a boon(Determined by the DM). The boon will never be negative, and ranges from a simple +1 boost, a level up, or, for the best victims, an upgrade of their already considerable powers.

GM notes[edit]

This potion was originally used in a story arc, in which the characters did become the playthings of a god, and the stories that came out of it. They became, on the whole, champions of Tymora, and in return for the faithful service of the players, they were granted a two level boon and returned to normal. Although they did get to keep the many cool 'trinkets' they earned in the lady's service.

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