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This weapon was originally wielded by a human who, late in his adolecence, slew a Jabberwock that terrorized his village. He even had a poem written about him recorded by a passing bard.

This blade is simply a +1 Vorpal Bastard Sword, with a strange enchantment that makes it go "Snicker Snak' when swung, making it unusable for sneak attacks.

The blade currently hangs above the mantleplace of the Winding Path Inn, an inn on the western coast, slightly off the side of the north-south trade routes.

The innkeeper, who protects the blade and will use it in his defense if attacked, will not sell to blade for any less than 2,000,000 gp; far over market price. The blade is warded, and cannot be removed from its sheath without the owner's approval. The bracket from which it hangs is also warded, and will cast Obleck's Resilient Sphere on anyone that attempts to remove the blade, trapping the character in a 10' sphere of force. He could be convinced to trade it, but to that would probably require an even more impressive weapon.

DM Notes[edit]

Our DM was on a satirical streak when he introduced this weapon. It eventually found its way into the hands of our paladin, who, after a brief bit of use, returned it to the innkeeper, much to the anger of the rest of the party

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