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The Librarian's Creed: Never, ever, interfere with causality.


"What are you doing?"


"Oi wus just pluckin this here string."


"Well, my good chap, I wouldn't do that if I were you"


"Why, forsooth, is that?"


"You never know what could happen."

Thread of Reality[edit]

The Threads of reality were originally created by Fate's sister, Causality. She created them to cheer up her brother, who she believed to be too severe.

In the hands of a mundane person, they are simply very nice gold thread. However, if a divine ever touches it, they sing from internal morphic resonance.

If the strings are strung tightly and plucked, the produce a strange resonance that alters reality in random ways, determined by the DM. The resonance fades after an hour, returning the world to normal.

If a bard or a character with skill in Stringed instruments gets a hold of the thread, they can, with a perform check of DC 35, control the alterations the strings produce. If the user has been trained by a god or extraplanar creature with knowledge of the thread, the DC drops to 20.

If the threads are used to do anything that leads to the destruction or disabling of reality, or is just to damaging to the game, all of existence will degauss, returning to the state it was before the strings were plucked. If the character makes a habit of destroying the universe, he can expect a visit from Causality.

DM notes[edit]

The threads were really a fun tool, although we never used it for its intended purpose. I did, however, cause a rain of drunked porcupines once.

If you include this in your game, aim for the comic effect with this one. Yes, it's a fine weapon for bards, but it's still intended for a joke item.

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