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A strange invention from the far off lands, these ground glass bifocals promise to aid those afflicted with Farsightedness and Nearsightedness. They are mounted on bronze-plated-iron frames, for durability. These can only be purchased from specific craftsmen, and they are extremely expensive, but anyone who wears them swear by them.

Glasses correct for one level of vision impairment. So, a character with moderate farsightedness would see as though they had minor far sightedness. Masterwork glasses made specific for the character can correct completely their vision problem.

Characters wearing their glasses do not gain the benefits of their level of vision impairment, but rather gain the benefits from the level that the glasses correct to. So, a major nearsighted character with masterwork glasses would gain no benefits while wearing glasses, and a moderate farsighted character with normal glasses would likewise gain no benefits, since minor farsightedness grants no benefits.

If a nearsighted character wears glasses that were meant for a farsighted character, they act as though they were completely nearsighted. The same goes for a farsighted person wearing glasses for nearsighted people.

If a character with glasses walks in the rain, they act as though they were not wearing glasses at all. If they walk in steam, they are blinded by the steam collecting on their glasses. While simple prestidigitation spells are sufficient to keep glasses clear of non-magical effects, glasses can also be enchanted with spells like True sight or dark vision if the wearer is going to be venturing into places where magical impairments can be expected

Cost: 500gp Masterwork:1500


DM Notes[edit]

Some purist will probably call foul at this, but in our party we had a few near/farsighted people, and it was beginning to affect the game badly. So we did our research and came up with this. Our barbarian (Nearsighted) had these, and we laughed so hard when we imagined a fearsome barbarian, slayer of the goblin hordes, with arms bigger than our bards waist, wearing a pair of dainty scholar's glasses.

This is identical to crafting an item with +1 spot, which would cost in the SRD only 100gp. Using "mundane" materials, however, would add at least another 100gp based on the cost of other glasswhere in the SRD.

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