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Traveling Duster[edit]

A duster is a coat, used by horsemen to protect their outer clothes from dust. It is a long coat that stretches down to about ankle length, with a slit in the back that stretches from the hip down. A traveling duster is a duster that is more heavily re-enforced than a normal duster, with leather at all the bending points, and additional rivets on the seams. For an additional ten gold, one can have their duster reinforced even further, allowing it to act as a non-magical armor enchancement, which adds 2 to armor class. A duster cannot be worn over full plate armor.

Any small weapon hidden under a duster gains +2 against being found.

Cost: 10gp

Weight: 5 lbs

DM Notes[edit]

I've seen three characters who chose dusters over cloaks, rejecting the usual gaming stereotype. We had one gamer who actually owned his own duster, and we did determine that he could hide a short 2x4 easily enough

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