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Conjuration (Teleportation)
Level: Sor/Wiz 9
Components: S
Casting time: Instantaneous
Range: 10'x casters level sphere
Duration: 5 rounds + casters level
Saving Throw: Special (See text)
Spell Resistance: No

Hex stared at the hail of arrows impassively, a thin smile leaking into his face. He threw his hand up and enacted a spell.

The southern commander grinned too, as the hail of arrows embedded themselves into the mage. The robed figure crumbled, and the commander ordered his troops to advance, the last defender of I'mblec slain. He stopped, however, as he felt a thin hand settle on his shoulder, freezing him. The mage appeared in front of him, war wand flaring in his hand. The commander turned to face the hand on his shoulder, to find the same mage, face locked in a smile. Then he felt the magic missles crashing into him. As he crumpled into the dirt, the mages disappeared, fading into mist.

This extremely dangerous spell allows the caster to unlocalize his body for a short amount of time, allowing him to exist in multiple places simultaneously, or none. From a magical point of view, the caster becomes a probability cloud, into which he can project images (copies) of himself. None of the copies can leave the field, and any that do will instantly disappear. This field can be seen in the Ethereal Plane, but it is just as intangible there as it is on the Material Plane.

Copies of the caster technically exist as half-illusions, meaning they can be disbelieved like all illusion spells, with a successful will save of DC 19. These copies can be brought into existence and removed at will by the caster, at any point within the spells area, at a rate of one creation or removal per round. Each Superposition is identical to the mage at the time of casting. So, if the caster took damage before he cast the spell, all of his copies will come into existence damaged. On the same coin, if one copy has taken damage, is removed, and another is sent out, it will be an unharmed copy. However, care should be exercised, because a newly created 'copy' will be unable to act the turn it is created.

While superposition is in effect, the caster can cast spells on any target in the area of the spell, although doing so will cause all of the superpositions to stop moving while the caster completes the spell. Individual copies of the caster do not have any spells to cast, due to the nature of the spell

If that didn't make a lick of sense to you, look in the discussion page for a better metaphor, provided by the creator of the spell, Hex.

Focus: A caster may create an anchor item before hand, which appears within the radius of the spell at the time of casting. The item can be anything, but the caster must have been in the hands of the caster for two rounds to allow for the completion of the anchoring ritual.

Special: Superposition is, as stated before, a dangerous spell, even for a trained spellcaster. This is for a number of reasons, beginning with the fact that the copies of the caster are actually the caster, and so they all feel sensations at once. This means that if one takes damage, the others feel it, and if one dies, the rest will feel it as well, even if they do not die. If one superposition takes damage, the rest will suffer -1 on all rolls for the remainder of the round.

If, by bad luck, one of the caster is killed before he can be removed, the caster must make a Concentration check, DC 35. If he succeeds, all copies take a -4 on all rolls. If he fails, all of his copies must make a Will save or cease existing.

When the spell ends, the caster picks one superposition to remain, while all the others vanish. If the caster does not have any copies when the spell ends, the caster becomes an Observer (see below).

If the caster created an anchor point before hand, he will be forced to reconstitute there, and must take a Fortitude save against nausea, DC 15.

If he did not, the caster becomes an Observer, able to observe everything within the area of the spell, and able to communicate with magically attuned players that enter the sphere, but unable to do anything aside from these two actions. Only a spell of wish or miracle can restore the caster to his original body. The caster can be Bound to a new body, by the same means of the Soul Bind (SRD Spell) spell.

The caster may remain an observer for one day per Intelligence or Charisma, whichever is more advantageous.

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