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These are creatures that can be used in 4e Future games.

In the following table, "rank" indicates if a creature is a minion, elite or solo. A blank entry indicates a standard creature.

Name Level Role Rank
4e Future Creature Preload <!-Artillery, Skirmisher, Brute, Soldier or Controller-> <!-Leave blank for standard monsters, otherwise Minion, Elite or Solo->
Adult Skag 5 Brute
Auto-Gun 1 Artillery Elite
Badass Skag Template)
Dolg 1 Brute Elite
Fly-Bot 1 Skirmisher Minion
Mining Robot 1 Brute Elite
Patrol Robot 6 Skirmisher Minion
Rakk 1 Skirmisher Minion
Security Guard 1 Artillery
Sentry Robot Model 2510 2 Artillery
Shock Skag 5 Skirmisher
Skag Whelp 4 Brute
Slaver 3 Soldier
Spitter Skag 4 Artillery
Technician 1 Skirmisher Minion
Thug, Eddy 2 Soldier Minion
Thug, Wooky 1 Brute Minion
Zorbotron 2 Controller Elite

Creature Groups[edit]

Creature Group

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