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Security guards are ubiquitous throughout the world, protecting the assets of governments and corporations. Most are minimum wage shlebs with nothing but a uniform and a gun. For some assignments, they may not even know what or who they are guarding.

Security Guard
Level 1 Artillery
Medium Terrestrial Humanoid
XP 100
HP 22; Bloodied 11 Initiative +2
AC 15; Fortitude 13, Reflex 14, Will 13 Perception +5
Speed 6 Normal
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Baton (physical, weapon)♦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +6 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + 2 physical damage.
Ranged.png Team Effort (photon, weapon)♦ At-Will
Attack: Ranged 10 (one creature); +8 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + 4 photon damage.
Effect: If the security guard has one ally within 2 squares, the security guard may shift 1 square.
Str 14 (+2) Dex 14 (+2) Wis 10 (+0)
Con 10 (+0) Int 10 (+0) Cha 13 (+1)
Equipment Light armor, las-pistol
Security Guard (Blue Shift, Valve)

"Walk, don't Run. You're free to go this time."

Often working for minimal pay, a typical security guard is fairly concerned about his own welfare. In a small or individual patrol, they will try to keep intruders occupied whilst waiting for reinforcements. They have little more confidence when part of a security detail, but will try to use team effort to stay in close formation whilst moving to cover.

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