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Rod Rarity
Alchemist's Query very rare
Boomstick legendary
Dark Rod very rare
Dowsing Rod, Variant Very Rare
Fire Rod common
Focus Rod uncommon
Greater Rod of Wonder rare
Ice Rod common
Lightning Rod, Variant rare
Lightning Rod common
Lord Skrolk's Rod of Corruption legendary
Multi-Action Rodsword uncommon
Pen of Shapes uncommon
Rod of Discord rare
Rod of Emergency Teleport rare
Rod of Foul Odours rare
Rod of Life Drain rare
Rod of Pain uncommon
Rod of Rings legendary
Rod of Stolen Starlight legendary
Rod of Swaying rare
Rod of Tentacles very rare
Rod of Tremorsense rare
Rod of Truth rare
Rod of the Mount rare
Rod of the Spellshaper rare
Shock Rod rare
Truthseeker's Rod legendary
Unstoppable Rod very rare
Yang Rod Very rare
Yin Rod Very rare

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