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Dilettante classes have features and themes from a wide variety of other classes/archetypes. These classes typically have multiple core themes and/or no core theme.

Dilettante Classes[edit]

Classes with multiple different themes belong to the dilettante archetype.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Adventurer Folks driven by curiosity forced to be bold and resourceful in place of training or talent. 8
Aetherstrider Arcane practitioners of Aethermagic, who can both bring aethercreatures into existence, and assume their forms alike, simultaneously. full 6
Animated Blade A (balanced) class focused on attacking with levitating weapons, not limited to swords. 8
Awakened Being soulbound to a legendary singer or an ancient demon may have its benefits. half 8
Blood Sampler A spellcaster who takes blood from others and uses it in magical ways, empowering their spells with the blood of dragons. full 8
Cartarook An uncanny cartomancer, melee combatant, and devout follower of the Secret Order, whose weapons proficiencies are primarily in swords and clubs. half 10
Classless Someone who was just a little TOO curious. 8
Classless, Variant Someone who was just a little TOO curious. 8
Devil User Rebalanced A rebalance of the original Devil User class, based on the manga series Chainsaw Man. 12
Dilettante You can do everything well, but you have taken shortcuts in your learning. 8
Elocationer Melee glass cannon that won't stay down. 4
Enchanter Powerful supportive roles in the group that prefer to aid their allies in battle rather than fighting their own fights. full 6
Enchanter, Variant 2 Powerful supportive roles in the group that prefer to aid their allies in battle rather than fighting their own fights. full 6
Energy Mage The energy mage, instead of learning spells, focus in controlling the pure magic energy that make magics possible. 8
Familiar Master A warrior who puts a more powerful form of familiar to use in battle. 10
Fistmancer full 8
Frogsoul An ordinary humanoid with a soul fused with a frog's. They wield deadly amphibious powers and spells. half 8
Furry Clad in cursed fursuits, these savage warriors are animals in their minds and abilities. 10
Gentleman, 2nd Variant Gentleman, a chivalrous, courteous, or honourable man. 12
God's Descendant 10
Illithid Sometimes known as Mind Flayers, if you want to play as an Illithid, you have to choose this class. 8
Kaleido Ever changing like a kaleidoscope, showing the exquisite form of many classes. full 6
Kaleido, Variant A magical girl who can transform into multiclass. full 6
Kaleido, Variant 2 Ever changing like a kaleidoscope, showing the exquisite form of many classes. full 6
Legendary Hero As a Legendary Hero, you gain the following features. half 1d8
Lifedrinker Creatures of mystique and unholy wonder that move in the night and feed on unsuspecting victims. 10
Mech Pilot, Variant 8
Nomad Travelers whose skills and tricks far surpass their abilities in combat. 8
Ragefist The teachings of Template:5eSRD coupled with the wild, untamed nature of a Template:5eSRD, a ragefist practices temperance between the natural and civilized worlds to yield an unrelenting force of reckoning. half 10
Sawbones 8
Scout Highly mobile, adaptable, and independent, scouts strive to ensure that their party never has to face a challenge unprepared. 10
Shadow Walker II A warrior that uses their internal shadow to cast spells. 8
Shieldbreaker Heavily armored fighters whose primary weapon and spellcasting focus is actually a shield. half 10
Showman Showman pull the strings of the show without needed to be behind the curtain. They hold their fate in a set of loaded dice and manipulate their foes and allies to great effect on the battlefield 8
Star Shaman full 6
Stitchpunk A gruesome second cousin to surgeons who uses surgical knowledge for many helpful and harmful purposes. 10
Supporter Anonymous heroes, who don't seek glory or fame, finding fulfillment in making part of something greater than themselves, or helping someone they deem worthy. 8
Theurgist Those who use force of will to control outside powers. third 10
Trapped Dragon Dragons cursed to appear in humanoid form, these mighty warriors retain some of their draconic visage and use it against foes. 12
Vain An entertaining soul, one who exists as a unique competitor whose swagger will guide them further. 10
Vampyr A Pure-blooded vampire who's heart still beats. 12

Dilettante Classes Based on Existing Fiction[edit]

Dilettante classes which are based on characters or archetypes from other works of fiction.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Blaster A warrior who uses a magical weapon called a Pile Bunker, a weapon which deals massive explosions and can shred through any obstacles. half 10
Force Master A powerful warrior who can use the force. 10
Hand of the Kraken A religious warrior that summons tentacles to control the battlefield. half 10
Heroic Champion A class based of the Servants from the Fate series 8
Heroic Spirit A class based of the Servants from the Fate series 10
Huntsman/Huntress, Variant A highly customizable warrior who protects people and slays monsters. Based on the show RWBY. 10
Maverick Hunter A buster-wielding agent dedicated to the destruction of gone-maverick reploids. 8
Naruto: Shinobi Shinobi are ninja capable of extraordinary feats and skills using chakra. 8
Naruto: Shinobi, Variant Shinobi are ninja capable of extraordinary feats and skills using Ki. 8
Overlord Magician The ultimate Magician with Powerful spells full 8
Quincy, Variant 8
Quirk User A person whose unique power has 10
Rebel Corps Soldier 8
Shinigami A class based on the hit anime and manga series, Bleach. 10
Soul Reaper, Variant A being made out of spiritual energy made to purify evil souls and protect the world of the living. 10
UltraKiller You are a machine built for one singular purpose HIGH OCTANE DEATH your lows will be the deepest pits of despair, but your highs will be so tall not even the heavens can reach. 4

Dilettante April Fools Classes[edit]

Dilettante classes with a more comedic twist.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Big Crack 10
Fist of the North Pole Santa's coming! 12
Gamer Gamers have strange powers and habitats. They can teleport to places they've already been (as long as they choose to SAVE), they are good at punching things, they can use lazers and they don't get enough sunlight! An adventure is just what they need to look like a human instead of looking like a being of vampiric descent. 12
Gentleman, 3rd Variant Tip top, my fair lady! 10

Incomplete Dilettante Classes[edit]

Dilettante classes with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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