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Heroic Champion[edit]

You are a hero of valor or hatred, brought back across the sands of time to fight once again. In your life you were a character of great fame and power, committed to history as a Heroic Champion.

Creating a Heroic Champion[edit]

What did you do to make you a hero? What is your major flaw that can be exploited to destroy you? Each Heroic Champion has a set of skills made to separate them from the others, the reason why you were brought back in this timeline. You are no Fighter or Paladin. You are a Hero.

Quick Build

You can make a Heroic Spirit quickly by following these suggestions. First, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, or Intelligence should be your highest ability score depending on which Path you want to choose, followed by any of the others. Second, choose the Folk Hero background.

Class Features

As a Heroic Spirit you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Heroic Spirit level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Heroic Spirit level after 1st


Armor: Light armor and Shields
Weapons: simple and martial weapons
Tools: none
Saving Throws: Strength and Dexterity
Skills: choose 4 skills of your choice from the whole skill list.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) one martial melee weapon or (b) two simple melee weapons
  • (a) studded leather armor or (b) leather armor
  • (a) longbow with 30 arrows or (b) shortbow with 30 arrows or (c) 2 hand crossbows with 60 bolts
  • (a) diplomat's pack or (b) dungeoneer's pack or (c) explorer's pack

Table: The Heroic Spirit

Level Proficiency
Cantrips Known Noble Phantasm Uses Features
1st +2 2 0 Cantrips, Action Surge
2nd +2 2 0 Fighting Style
3rd +2 2 0 Heroic Path
4th +2 2 0 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 3 1 Extra Attack, Noble Phantasm
6th +3 3 1 Ability Score Improvement
7th +3 3 1 Heroic Path Feature
8th +3 3 1 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 4 2 Spirit of the Hero
10th +4 4 2
11th +4 4 2 Heroic Path Feature, Extra Attack(2)
12th +4 4 2 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 5 3 Spirit of the Hero(2)
14th +5 5 3 Heroic Path Feature
15th +5 5 3
16th +5 5 3 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 6 4 Action Surge(2)
18th +6 6 4 Heroic Path Feature
19th +6 6 4 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 6 5 Heroic Path Feature


As a heroic spirit you have access to all Cantrips but can only know up to what your level dictates. Intelligence is your spell-casting modifier.

Spell and class feature save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier
Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + Intelligence modifier

Action Surge[edit]

At 1st level, you can push yourself beyond your normal limits for a moment. On your turn, you can take one additional action on top of your regular action and a possible bonus action.

Once you use this feature, you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again. Starting at 17th level, you can use it twice before a rest, but only once on the same turn.

Fighting Style[edit]

When you reach 2nd level you can choose which way you fight and thus gain a bonus to that way of fighting.


You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls you make with ranged weapons.


While you are wearing armor, you gain a +1 bonus to AC.


When wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapon, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon.

Great Weapon Fighting

When you role a 1 or 2 on a damage die or an attack you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you make with a melee weapon that you are wielding with two hands, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or a 2. The weapon must have the two-handed or versatile property for you to gain this benefit.


When a creature you can see attacks a target other than you that is within 5 feet of you, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll. You must be wielding a shield.

Two-Weapon Fighting

When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you may add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack.

Heroic Path[edit]

At 3rd level, you must choose a Heroic Path. You may choose between the Archer, Assassin, Berserker, Caster, Lancer, Rider, Ruler, Saber, or Hero of Justice paths, all listed at the end of this class.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 6th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Extra Attack[edit]

When you reach 5th level, and again at 11th, you can make an additional attack when you take the attack action.

Noble Phantasm[edit]

At 5th level, you gain use of a Noble Phantasm. Your Noble Phantasm is unique to your Heroic Path, and may be used a number of times listed in the Noble Phantasm column. All Noble Phantasms use 1 charge unless otherwise stated. You regain all Noble Phantasm uses at the end of a long rest.

Spirit of the Hero[edit]

When you reach 9th level, if you fail a saving throw you can choose to succeed once, regaining all uses at the end of a long rest. At level 13, your maximum number of charges increases to 2. The creature that initially forced you to make that saving throw is able to use the feature or spell that they used once more, but it can only target you. If it requires a roll, they make it with advantage and you make this saving throw with disadvantage.

Superior Cantrips[edit]

Once you reach 10th level, your cantrips deal an additional 1d6 damage if they deal damage.

Heroic Paths[edit]


Silent killer who focuses on fighting shadily and from the shadows.

Deadly But Fragile

When you choose this path your hit die goes down to a d6 and your constitution automatically reduces by 2.

Turning Swallow Strike (Noble Phantasm)

When you choose this path you gain the ability to do three strikes with a finesse melee weapon that are so fast that they appear to be occurring at the same time. You make a separate attack roll for each attack, dealing an additional 1d6 damage per hit. This increases by 1d6 every time you gain a feature in this Path.

Sneak Attack

When you choose this path you gain the ability to cause massive damage when you are unseen. Once per turn, when you either have advantage on the attack roll or there is an ally that is not incapacitated withing 5ft of wherever you are attacking and you do not have disadvantage, you deal an additional 1d4 damage. This increases by 1d4 every time you gain a Heroic Path Feature.

One With The Shadows

When you reach 7th level, whenever you are in dim or dark light you gain advantage on Stealth checks.

Stealth Master

At 11th level, you can take the hide action as a bonus action.


At 14th level, you cannot be seen by any divination magic and cannot be perceived by magical scrying sensors.

Pass Without Trace

At 18th level you can use the spell Pass Without Trace non-magically without components. You may do this once, regaining use at the end of a short or long rest.

Deadly Blow

At 20th level, you become a master of instant death. When you attack and hit a creature that is surprised, it must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 8 + your Dexterity modifier + your proficiency bonus). On a failed save, you deal double damage.


Fighter who focuses on long range attacks.

Tri-Star Amore Mio(Noble Phantasm)

When you choose this path, you gain the ability to put all of your passion into a single shot, causing immense damage. If this attack hits, it deals 3d6 damage. This increases by 1d6 every time you gain another Heroic Path Feature.

Hidden Hunter

You have learned at this point that to catch your mark, you must not be seen. When you take this path, you gain the ability to cast the spell Pass without Trace once, regaining use at the end of a short or long rest. This increases to 2 times at 7th level. The spell only affects you.


At 11th level, you learn how to cast the spell Conjure Volley(DC 10+ Int Mod+ Prof Bonus) once per short or long rest.


At 14th level, whenever you have advantage with a ranged attacks, reroll any one result below 5 before modifiers are applied. If you roll two results below 5, you may only reroll one. This feature can only be used once per long rest.


At 18th level, you gain advantage on all shots where the following criteria are met: 1) You can clearly see your target. 2) There is nothing between you and your target. 3) your target is more than 100 ft away.

Master Bowman

At 20th level, you become a master of the bow. Whenever you are wielding a ranged weapon, you immediately gain +2 to attack and damage rolls.


A fearsome and nearly unstoppable force in any battle.

The 12 Labors(Noble Phantasm)

When you choose this path, you gain the power of nigh-immortality. When you are brought to 0 hit points by an attack, you may roll a Saving Throw, not applicable to any ability score (DC 15 or half damage taken whichever is higher) to roll half your maximum hit dice without expending any, regaining that amount of hit points. When you use your Noble Phantasm, you are stunned until the end of your next turn. You can do this 3 times starting at level 5 and you do not gain more uses. You regain one charge at the end of a long rest.


When you choose this path you gain proficiency in heavy armor.

Organic Tank

When you take this path, your hit dice changes to a d12 and your AC increases by 1.


Starting at the 7th level, whenever you attack an opponent you can do an extra die of damage. You can use this feature twice per long rest.

Powerful but Clumsy

Starting at the 11th level, you gain advantage on all attacks when there is bright lighting, you are in a clear area, and your opponent is within 10 feet of you at the start of your turn. You have disadvantage on all attacks in dim light or darkness, you are in an area with many obstructions or larger objects, or if your opponent is beyond 10 feet of you at the start of your turn.

Quick Recovery

Starting at the 14th level, whenever you use your Noble Phantasm you can make a Constitution Saving Throw to not be stunned(DC 15 or half damage taken, whichever is higher).

Rage of the Gladiator

Starting at the 18th level, you can trade your sanity for an insane power boost. For 1 minute, all creatures within 15 feet of you must make a Charisma saving throw or become Frightened of you. You have advantage on all attacks against Frightened creatures. Additionally, your movement speed is doubled and provided that each attack is against a different creature, you can make up to 3 attacks on your turn. When the duration ends, you gain a level of exhaustion and all your attacks have disadvantage until your next long rest. You can only use this feature once per long rest.

Battle Continuation

At the 20th level, you gain the powers of a true machine, allowing you to fight so long as your injuries would not prove completely fatal. Up to 2 times per long rest, you are able to fight at 0 hit points until you gain hit points and stabilize or until you fail all your Death saving throws, which you must still roll at the start of your turns.


Warrior who uses longer range melee weapons and focuses on hit-and-run tactics

Black Lightning

When you choose this path your speed increases by 5ft.

Rapture (Noble Phantasm)

When you choose this path, you gain the ability to strike your foes down with the power of lightning. When you use this feature, all creatures in a 40 foot line in a direction of your choice must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failure they take 3d6 Lightning damage and are moved 5 feet to the left or to the right, your choice. On a success, they take 2d6 Lightning damage. You move to the end of the line or to the closest space to it if the line ends prematurely via barrier.

Gila Strike

At 7th level, if you move more than or equal to 15 feet to attack a creature, your attack does an extra die of damage.

Demonic Defender of State

At 11th level, you can choose to mark a 30x30 area as your own before a fight. Whenever you fight in this area, you gain advantage on all attacks. IF creature regarded as an enemy enters the area, they may engage you in a Charisma contest. If they win, you do not have advantage on attacks against them.

Hit-and-Run Master

At 14th level, you can dash or disengage as a bonus action.

Mana Burst (Noble Phantasm)

At 18th level, you can coat your weapon in flames as an action. Your next successful attack deals an extra 5d6 fire damage.


At 20th level, you practically become a god. Your AC increases by +2 and you gain the Battle Continuation skill from the Berserker path, except you go unconcious on your first failed Death Saving Throw or attack against you.


Warrior who rides into battle on a beast of war.

Mounted Fighter

When you choose this path, your attacks deal an additional die of damage while mounted and you gain proficiency in all mounts.

Summoning (Noble Phantasm)

When you choose this path, you gain the ability to summon a creature at will. You may choose one creature that is either your level equivalent CR or lower and is a beast or monstrosity. If you do this you have to beat the summoned monster in a Charisma contest in order to control it. On a failure, it goes on a rampage, attacking everything in sight.

Accel Turn

Starting at the 7th level, when you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, you instead take no damage if you succeed, and half damage if you fail.

Magic Resistance

At 11th level, magic is less effective against you. You gain advantage on all Saving Throws against magic, and magic missile requires an attack roll to hit you.

Conquerer of Beasts

Starting at the 14th level, whenever you defeat a creature that could be a mount(DM's discretion) there is a chance it could be swayed to your side. Roll 1d20 and on a roll of 16 or higher it regains its maximum hit points and is charmed by you permanently.

Mystic Eyes

At 18th level, you may force a creature you can see to attempt a Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, they are paralyzed for 1 minute. They may attempt the saving throw at the end of their turn to end the effect early.


When you reach the 20th level, you learn how to make the impossible possible. You gain the ability to use the wish spell non-magically for 5 Noble Phantasm uses. This does not count as a Noble Phantasm for Gate of Babylon.



When you take this path, you gain proficiency in medium armor.

Excalibur (Noble Phantasm)

When you take this path, you gain the ability to call upon the holy sword Excalibur. You gain a magical long sword sword that deals an additional 1d6 radiant damage. You can choose to unleash Excalibur as an action, causing your next successful attack to deal an additional 3d6 radiant damage. This damage increases by 1 die at the 11th level (4d6), and again at the 20th level (5d6). Excalibur in either form can not be destroyed, and can be summoned back to you as a bonus action.


At the 7th level, you gain the ability to know exactly what to do in a fight. When you activate this feature as an bonus action, you gain advantage on all attack rolls and Saving Throws until the end of your next turn. You regain use of this after taking a long rest.

Magic Resistance

At the 11th level, you gain some resistance to magic. You gain advantage on all Saving Throws against magic.

Inhuman Strength

At 14th level, you gain the strength of ten men. Your Strength score increases by +2, up to a maximum of 22.

Eternal Arms Mastership

At 18th level, you gain mastership in the art of swords. When you have advantage on attack rolls with a sword, you can roll 3 dice instead of 2.

A Knight Does Not Die With Empty Hands

At 20th level, you gain the ability to do immense damage. If you are below 1/4 of your maximum hit points, on one attack you can choose to do a critical hit. You can only use this feature once per long rest. If your attack with this feature kills the creature, you may use it one more time, but only once.


Subclass with many spells and magical powers


When you take this path, you immediately gain the spellcasting ability of a Wizard, including knowledge of the entire Wizard spell list. You do not need any material components to use these spells. You gain spell slots at the same levels as Wizards.

Nursery Rhyme(Noble Phantasm)

When you take this path, you gain the ability to create your own stories. When you use this, a book appears floating in space up to 10ft away from you. For 1 minute, you are allowed to summon any creature with a CR of 2x your level as an action. Summoned creatures must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by you for the duration of your Noble Phantasm. Creatures of CR 15 or higher have a DC of 10 + your Wisdom modifier Creatures of CR 10-14 have a DC of 15 + your Wisdom modifier Creatures of CR below 10 have a DC of 18 + your Wisdom modifier

High Speed Casting

At 7th level, you gain the ability to cast two spells a turn instead of only one. Their collective level can be no more than half your level.

Golden Fleece Skin

At 11th level, you may cast Cleric spells, but only with a range of self.

Territory Creation

At 14th level, you can create a 50x50 area that you define as your area. When you are in this area, you gain advantage on all magic attacks made against creatures of your choice and any creatures of your choosing have disadvantage on all Saving Throws against your magic. You may only choose up to 3 creatures for both effects.

Teaching of Circe

At 18th level, you gain the ability to influence your allies. As an action, you can remove all conditions and 1 level of exhaustion on a creature and grant them advantage on all attacks until the end of their next turn as a 2nd level spell.


At 20th level, you gain the ability of a shapeshifter. You gain the true polymorph spell and can cast it without using a spell slot twice, regaining use at the end of a long rest.


True Name (Noble Phantasm)

This Noble Phantasm is created between you and your DM. It is created in the perspective of your character, the reason why they were brought back to life across time and why their memory has been committed to history. Each Ruler is different.

True Name Discernment

At 7th level, you gain the ability to judge the true name, and thus the weaknesses, of your adversary. As an action, you can examine your opponent and learn one of the following: damage vulnerabilities, resistances, and immunities.

Magic Resistance

At 11th level, you gain the ultimate magic defense. You gain advantage on all Saving Throws against magic and have resistance to one type of magical damage of your choice.

Voice of the King

At 14th level, you can inspire your allies and instill fear in enemies. Once per long rest, you can release a rallying cry. Allies within 30 feet of you have advantage on their next two attacks and enemies within 30 feet of you must make a Charisma saving throw(DC 15) and if they fail, gain disadvantage on their next attack.


At 18th level, you are able to summon the mark of your sovereignty. Once per short rest, you can make an aparation of your Crown above your head or on the applicable body part. It has an AC of 10 and 8 hit points. While it is active, you gain temporary hit points equal to 10 + your charisma modifier + your wisdom modifier.

Majesty (Noble Phantasm)

At 20th level, you attain the presence and appearance of a true ruler. Similar to your Noble Phantasm, this is a custom appearance made by you. Your AC remains the same as when you activated this feature. Your Majesty form grants you up to 2 abilities, which you must discuss with your DM.


You cannot Multiclass into the Heroic Spirit class.

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