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Hello, fellow brewers (or robots, I'm not really choosy about whoever looks at this)

It's-a-me Toshio[edit]

I'm just a regular person. I have the most familiarity with D&D 5e, but have some experience with 4e as well. I'm relatively new to the site, having joined in late 2020.


My skills? I mean, I can create races fairly decently, made a class once outside of the system (which was made obsolete by the Artificer), and haven't tried my hand at a background. However, I'd say my strength is in spells. I'm a wizard at heart. Wait, have I posted anything here? No? Well, I'm gonna have to post a few creations that are fairly balanced.


Haven't been here too much, so not that many.


Kroot (5e Race) My first race, based off a mercenary species from Warhammer 40k.


Combat Avatar (5e Spell) A spell that allows you to make a combat avatar.


Orium Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature) Another acid-based metallic dragon, with the unique ability to create a vaporous serpent from its breath weapon.

Improved/fixed builds[edit]

Things others have made that I tried to fix.

Grasping Shadows (5e Spell) I do not know who made this, if I can get their name, I will credit them.
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