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Rating: 3 / 5
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Our world would be called a small place by most outworlders, but this is the only world we remember. The world is much like that of any other, however there are a few things that make our world unique. Great wyrms live in abundance throughout the known lands, mighty airships plow the winds between the flying isles far above the raging seas and all the known lands are encircled by an eternal storm that shields and protects the region and its people.

Thus we struggle daily upon Aerinthia and prepare to hold off the dark armies of Shadar as they seek to conquer the continent and now after fifteen hundred years the Storm is fading. What evil rests just beyond the storm?

World Reference

Creation Mythos
Known History
The Deities of Stormforge.
Organizations and Societies
Notable Groups, Companies, and Organizations of Stormforge.
Notable NPCs
The heroes, villains, and important people of Stormforge.
Naming conventions
The common method of naming places, people, and things in Stormforge.


Aerinthia, the known world


Lesser regions

Great Citadels

Untamed lands

The Sky Isles

Player Information

The races of Stormforge.
The classes available to players in Stormforge.
Character Backgrounds
A list of character backgrounds and their benefits in Stormforge.
Equipment Compendium
Items and equipment unique to Stormforge

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