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So that outsiders might understand better a few simple rules are about names of places, persons, and things are given here.

1. When possible for simplicity sake all names will be listed in the common tongue of Aerinthia known as Trade speak.

Example: Ysira'alynn Aluthieldanier, Hylune di Alura ei Oeren, Betherial, and Palisene in Oerenknell, Aerynneithiador

Translated: Ysira Aldershade, High Priestess of the Holy Temple of Oak, Beech, and Pine in Oakenhall, Aerindor

2. All special characters of a name will be removed and replaced with phonetic spelling, unless it changes the meaning of the word.

Example: Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Pronoucned: O-Law-furr Rag-Nar Greem-Son

Changed to: Olafur Ragnar Grimsson

3. Exceptions to Rule #1 apply to the Eladrin, and Shadar-Kai.

3a. Eladrin names may be given in either the formal or informal as deemed appropriate.

3b. Shadar-Kai culture teaches their people that the worth of the soul is equal to the name. This can cause the names of distinguished Shadar-Kai to become exceedingly long. Instead of giving the entire name for reference, only title and given name or pseudonymous "war names" will be used.

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