The Godsend (Stormforge Supplement)

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The island home of Thronin, the All-father and Creator the Gods of Stormforge. Here resides Thronin's Forge, the Celestial Court, and Shadril's creation the The Stormforge the source of the Storm that protects Aerinthia.

God's Home[edit]

All of the good and unaligned deities reside upon the island although they may send avatars to walk across Neveril at their whim.

Amusingly enough Sissthus is the only evil deity who has not been banished from Godsend, although she is never in possession of her body when she is there.

The Banished[edit]

At the beginning of the Third Age the Demon Gods were banned from the Godsend.

The Fate of Kosun[edit]

The God-King Kosun of Dros Corinth, is forever forbidden from Godsend by Thronin for if he is ever to reach the shore of the island he will have stolen himself a place among the gods.

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