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Shadar is a violent dark foreboding wasteland on the west coast of Aerinthia, homeland of Shadar-Kai, Dark ones, orcs, goblins, trolls, ogres, demon-kind, undead, and other evil races. Shadar is ruled by thirteen Dark Princes, but in truth each Dark Prince answers to a being called, the Warlock-King. The Warlock-King claims dominion over all of Shadar and even if the Dark Princes allied together they lack the power to challenge him. Little is known about the Warlock-King, except that his Citadel, Dros Shadrath stands on a peninsula at the west most point of Shadar and when the soldiers of the dark armies are captured they are unable to give the name of the Warlock-King. When compelled by magic, they are slain and even resurrection magic can’t return them to life. The Prophet of Nalfien, the Demi-god of Undeath is known to have significant influence in the courts of each Dark Prince, especially when the dark armies are preparing for the next invasion. The Dark Princes are a treacherous lot who constantly seek to improve their standing in Shadar at the expense of their servants and the other Dark Princes, but in the past when their treachery has hindered the dark armies, the Warlock-King has removed a Dark Prince from his throne.

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