Frozen Wastes (Stormforge Supplement)

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In northern Aerinthia rests the Frozen Wastes. Known as the Jargath Ice fields by the locals the Frozen Wastes are a desolate place of perpetual winter. The cold and ice of this region are renown, as are the tough barbarians. The barbarians have no desire to trade with other cultures, and are totally self sufficient. The Icefields emerged from the storm only 52 years ago, and since then the barbarians have adapted to living outside the storm. Although it is possible to cross into the storm from the icefields, the risks of electrocution are so high that no sane person would be caught within the storm. The barbarians of the icefields worship Shadril, Goddess of Storms and pray to Kriesha to hold back her wrath. Ice Giants, Yeti, White Dragons, and even more dangerous creatures live in the Frozen Wastes making and already treacherous place even more deadly.

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