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The campaign is set inside an immense machine, seemingly infinite in every direction with no exterior. The world is filled with endless maintenance tunnels, great halls filled with pistons, vats of chemicals, elevator shafts, mysterious glowing orbs, and labyrinthine liquid-powered computing mechanisms.

Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia

The campaign is set inside an immense machine known as Mechabutzia.

Mechabutzia seemingly infinite in every direction with no exterior. The world is filled with endless maintenance tunnels, great halls filled with pistons, vats of chemicals, elevator shafts, mysterious glowing orbs, and labyrinthine liquid-powered computing mechanisms.

Explorers venture out into the perilous halls of the machine and discover treasures, gain knowledge, communicate with the inhabitants, create alliances, and determine the secret behind the infinite machine.

Biome Types[edit]

Large expanses of Mechabutzia have a coherent atmosphere, architecture and ecosystem. Examples include

  • Vast flat terrain, occasionally laced with twisting corridors, caverns, or tunnels high above or running underneath. Glowing orbs line the ceiling, floor, and down the corridors, shedding light everywhere.
  • Hot coals burn away and a fine creosote or soot cover everything, creating a spongy ash layer over all. Common in the Heat Genoratorium.
  • Steam, steam, and more steam. They arrive in great volume from high above and via many pipes interspersed throughout the space. The steam is thick with gasses and toxins, coating exposed skin and filtering out light, heating the space.
  • The interior of a great cathedral of machinery, filled with bizarre and beautiful heaps and dirges of industrial workmanship. Everyone and everything speaks.
  • Taut sheets of quivering skin, pulsing with depth and scale. Soft flesh with folds and creases, reflectors, sensors, and orbs. Violence in every direction.
  • A frozen region, icy and vast and pallid, a sterile survey of nothing, broken only by vast cracks in the surface and the presence of rare, awkward structure, machine of long gone travelers. The Nexus.
  • An inhimitable pool of oil and other fuids, which rise in a geyser and rush into the surrounding plains, which them become polluted with the fine layer of adhesive mixture. It's a field day for the rubber plant.
  • The sound of machinery moves through the walls - rivets interlocking with vapor, gaseous pistons monitoring the river's flow, an astrogation center of resonance, thrashing particles of light amongst the supercluster.
  • Dripping grooves, pulsing streams, fine filaments and wispy membranes, pure slate grit for soil and a biosphere of microscopic organisms, coalescing into lower-echelon forms of animal life and greasy films, shimmering, dazzling, an ecosystem interleaved with an ecology.
  • A sound like shivering, mixed with a low drone and trilling, a cerulean belt of revolving formations, iridescent in hue and numerous, a populace of color moving slowly through the atmosphere of the complex and slowly, slowly creating racking, throbbing, and jutting visuals, fortifications that find their way into a home and misdirect the inhabitants. With majesty!


Various types of vegetation thrive in Mechabutzia. The ideal temperature and working conditions of Mechabutzia created a wide array of industrial plants used in manufacturing process and mechanical engineering. Often plants of Mechabutzia combine features of both plant and mechanical engineering and plants are often referred to as 'flora.'

  • Ombarus - a towering demanatus viid that occupies the Gumganglongs Citadel and Underworks. The dark leaf canopy is filled with a small buzzing insect that can emit sonic pulses.
  • Yelfermal Swaam - a plant with rubbery tentacles and fluid vents that can be found throughout Mechabutziani, and especially near the pond. Some Gelings have used Yelfermal Swaam to make parts and fuel vehicles
  • Nambikar - a graceful, slender and deep rooted tree, often planted in the vicinity of bodies of water and reservoirs. A savory oil can be collected from the flower of the nambikar are centrifuged, aged and refined for short distance furnace lubrication.
  • Pink Baby - softbellied sponge-like flora is known to occasionally interrupt strings of communication. Pink Baby often blooms in the upper levels of maintenance tunnels.
  • Pangraca - a stealthy plant with noiseless movements and secret pangs.


The world of Mechabutzia and its varying areas is populated by countless life forms, many mechanized and some even possessing remnants of flesh, once belonging to living and non-living creatures.

Gummabusts. An expansive belching, who, by tapping his foot, ignites a great burst of flame from which arises a noble screech.

Birasts. Creatures which scream in loud machinery, blasted audibly as they enter and exit portals.

Veruns polycutes. Creatures found in the area of the underworks, with an ability to shoot water into sligate tanks.

Oteres. Quicksilver diminutives that move swiftly in a cliquish manner among the winding tunnels, passages and other hidden entrances. Created with vehelicium.

Pangraca. A stealthy plant with noiseless movements and secret pangs. A heartless, secretive creature known for it's piety.

Rubble. Bipedal rock slab that is gifted with a vaguely fleshy perdurance, but yet prone to burn. It's form includes a jutting and massive head and is prone to explosions.

Gesistu. An organic, limbless self-propelled mechanical organism with a large pulsing eye and crown of wire.

Isobet. Diminutive, gelatinous flesh mantling machines with unnerving, probing tendrils.

Perelepe. Small distant spirit-flesh, erudite machine originally from the Dantellite substrate. It's a creature of great poetry and mystery.

Toshnes. Form of mulched flesh, known for horridations of teeth on piece-people in a beautiful central chamber of cog and arbors.

Geling. Gelings are members of the Golden Order which are concerned with repairs and fixing. The Bazaar of Twin Hearts is their place of worship.


While much of Mechabutzia forms an unclaimed and unpopulated "wilderness", there are named regions that have become well known by its denizens.

The Dark Sea[edit]

The dark sea is a name given to the vast chasms, shafts and open areas that run throughout Mechabutzia, and define the boundries of different regions.

These areas were formed in the first age, when the liquid roof of the world collapsed, eroding channels through all the strata of Mechabutzia.

These voids are gaseous, but appear liquid-like because of the swirling movement of particles or glow dust that fill them. In some areas, these particles are so thick that the void is difficult to traverse or see through.

Zones of dark sea can range form several hundred to several miles across, necessitating flight or flying vehicles to traverse.

The dark sea is considered to be an "outdoor" area for the purpose of rules or features.

Southern Hydraulic Sluice[edit]

Main Article: Southern Hydraulic Sluice

A great liquid pumping mechanism pushes out vast volume of fluid that winds around the inner chambers of Mechabutzia through a complex network of narrow tunnels. The lower headwaters are a flowing lake edged with iron and steel. Local inhabitants use the river for a variety of needs, probably most frequently for toll bridges or moving materials and goods is considerable volume as well as cooling the local area of the informenter factory. Usually a small contingent of Gumganglongs provide rangers here.

The Primary Heat Genoratorium[edit]

Main Article: The Primary Heat Genoratorium

Surrounding the central power station known as The Primary Heat Genoratorium, which once radiated wondrous iridescent light, but which ceased its mad operations some years prior, it is possible to navigate the elliptical porticals of the Ductite Laboratoriums and flow along the rapidly twisting monofrance structures of the canal centroids.

Mekonic men are known to reside in close proximity of to the Primary Heat Genoratorium

Silgenthe Underworks[edit]

Main Article: Silgenthe Underworks

Deep beneath the Silgenthe caverns, a great reservoir of hypabyssmal waters run. It is rumored that great masses of water are released through the tunnels of the hundreds of Silgenthe Caverns. Deep sliding grottos hem in this cavern, protecting the great aqueducts of water and the passing ship yards that transport poyroids, merchandise, and other water passages. An abundance of of plant and animal life crowd the waters and surrounds, including veruns abd polycutes, limboid flora, staink vine, and oteres. It is also said that the secret of infinite failure and endurance as well as the secret of transmogrification and alchemical inversions have their origins in these depths.

Power Line E3N[edit]

Main Article: Power Line E3N

Bublexiks feed on and send mantling lights to one another. They are known to be able to control nearby apparatus, including maintaining innards of factories, and dispensing chemical fluids. They dispense small round pills for manufacturing other machines.

Birasts make their habitation in the upper echelons of power line E3N where silos, belfries, and chimneys stretch out far above. An astrogation center once built on top of power line E3N where sublimated particles of light were once thrashed amongst the ripples of the Coronaunteur. The transmitter and receiver were burned during the primary visitations. Only the fragments and poles relate the grandeur of this elegant machine installation.

Gumganglon Order[edit]

Main Article: Gumganglon Utorium

The Gumganglon utorium houses a combination of machinery, abattoirs, catacombs, subways, railroads, bazaars, alleys and cities. It is the hub of of trade, distribution, and manufacturing. The Gumganglon process for making wooden objects like gears is a particularly important product. Silbulves and abbiments provide food to the maniscent cities and commuinties. It is rumored that elements from subdermal engineering aid in the formation and dispatch of Gummabusts. Probably used in the creation of Rubble -flesh of great slabs combine particles of mystical natures, forming a rolled out dough that cna form a variety of shapes and textures.

Unsuppressed Abattoirs[edit]

Main Article: Unsuppressed Abattoirs

Unsuppressed abattoirs are thumping, clanking caverns that stretch out in every direction. It is said to be the home of Nelaus Machinate, but the corridors and thoroughfares regularly spout out different states of fog and vapor and have been known to suddenly retreat into vast chasms only to rise again later.

The Orbiad, Home of the Gummabusts[edit]

Main Article: The Orbiad

This noisy facility vibrates with many non-Euclidian traversals. Pulses reflect from one of the region's synced pulsing orbs. The constant roar comes from unfrequent purges. The orange slabs with their highly reflective fronts project the bizzare lights of the Orbiad Hypabyssatronm along the orange to violet spectrum. Seats overhang the ledge, a more-or-less straight line of stone above the great abyss.

Below the Gummabusts' facilities is a great haze of fog. The bluster winds of Mechabutzia are felt here, adding an echo to the echoing environment.

Humans are the most numerous race in the Orbiad, particularly Gumganglongs.

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