Southern Hydraulic Sluice (Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia Supplement)

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Southern Hydraulic Sluice[edit]

A great liquid pumping mechanism pushes out vast volume of fluid that winds around the inner chambers of Mechabutzia through a complex network of narrow tunnels. The lower headwaters are a flowing lake edged with iron and steel. Local inhabitants use the river for a variety of needs, probably most frequently for toll bridges or moving materials and goods is considerable volume as well as cooling the local area of the informenter factory. Usually a small contingent of Gumganglongs provide rangers here.

Outflows of water move hundreds of miles through a complex network of pipes and aqueducts at all times of the day and night. As it passes through, a great heat is discharged resulting in thick vapors suspending the tunnel. Fog can boil upwards to encase the pipes and chutes overflowing over catwalks and walkways above. Sturdy chains are looped between the metals to allow passage by the natives who know their way around the fog by following stable ropes.


The Tolling Boot. An ancient structure of large metal walls, dusty and shadowed, looming high above the Tunnel below. Adventurous beings can look down through old viewing mechanisms at the tunnel way below. An eerie faint noise is heard echoing up to them.

Aqueduct. An engineer marvel that stands tall and spans the distance between far distant chambers.

Local Colosseum. The Colosseum is made of stone and its upper reaches are decorated with immense pillars with marble arches on its foundations.

Informenter Factory. Several layers of parapets and enormous decorations reach the skies above. Heating the chambers is the constant flow of vapor emitting from the tunnel far below. Thick lead windows and doors protect the inhabitants. Wires, gizmos and bits of experiments are scattered throughout.

Southern Hydraulic Sluice Random Encounters[edit]

  1. A Gummabust lounges in a large puddle.
  2. Torrid Oteres Caravan going North to the Hydro-Machine with 12 other caravans, transporting Torrid magic weapons on iron wheels.
  3. Combusitor Manservant, attends to its duties.
  4. A pale youth in indentured servitude steams with a strange light.
  5. A mysterious liquid seeping from an unseen source and transforming nearby materials
  6. A confusing series of signs - used to capture unsuspecting individuals.
  7. Daunting labyrinth-like tunnel entrance, leading to the Aqueducts.
  8. Spider mechs taking food from a Birast nest.
  9. Rubber tentacle clinging from a crevice.
  10. A large thunderous mechanism crashing by in the distance.

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