The Orbiad (Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia Supplement)

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The Orbiad[edit]

This noisy facility vibrates with many non-Euclidian traversals. Pulses reflect from one of the region's synced pulsing orbs. The constant roar comes from unfrequent purges. The orange slabs with their highly reflective fronts project the bizzare lights of the Orbiad Hypabyssatronm along the orange to violet spectrum. Seats overhang the ledge, a more-or-less straight line of stone above the great abyss.

Below the Gummabusts' facilities is a great haze of fog. The bluster winds of Mechabutzia are felt here, adding an echo to the echoing environment.

Humans are the most numerous race in the Orbiad, particularly Gumganglongs.

Orbiad Landmarks[edit]

The Hypabyssatron. The Gummabusts' central power source and focal point of the Orbiad. The reflecting orange slabs hover nearby, energizing and interconnecting the pulsing orbs. Interconnected pulsing orbs rise up toward the edge of the Orbiad. Each a slightly different shade of orange or violet and each a fraction of a second slower or faster than its counterparts depending on the synchronization.

The Gummabust Armory. The Gummabusts maintain a small armory here to house the most sophisticated machinery. A mechanical escalator stretches down from the armory.

The Orb Chamber. Large pulsing orbs interconnect and vibrate like the Hypabyssatron, but the chamber has been supplemented with glassy walkways motored by the heat of the pulsing orbs. Here, the Gummabusts maintain their laboratory and focus on the growth of hydro-pneumatic valves.

Orbiad Random Encounters[edit]

  1. Gummabusts - A few dozen heavily armored, odd-looking Gummabusts stand here in formation.
  2. Mist of Fleeting Solids - a haze of wispy solids that fill the channel of the Underworks.
  3. Giant Gelings in Transition to the Underworks.
  4. Subdermal Ogre eating a rubbery, etherized dead ender.
  5. Orbiad Fog Giant - This fog giant has white eyes and swan-like wings. The bridge trembles as the fog giant approaches, hungering for more 'meat.'
  6. Thieves unsuccessfully searching for the Gummabusts' armory.
  7. Infiltrators coming to evacuate the area, in preparation from an oncoming purge.
  8. Non-Euclidian Orb-eye - sharp and infinte, starts to eat the area.
  9. A purge is occuring - an orange vaporous matter has spread over the area.
  10. Great Abyss Storm - horrible storms that spread across the Great Abyss. An electrical storm that spreads a storm of black light over the area.

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