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The following unusual creatures can be found in Mechabutzia.

  • Gummabusts - An expansive interstellar belching, who, by tapping his foot, ignites a great burst of flame from which arises a noble screech.
  • Birasts are creatures which scream in loud machinery, blasted audibly as they enter and exit portails.
  • Veruns abd polycutes are creatures found in the area of the underworks, with an ability to shoot water into sliate tanks.
  • Oteres - Quicksilver diminutives that move swiftly in a cliquish manner among the winding tunnels, passages and other hidden entraces
  • Pangraca - a stealthy plant with noiseless movements and secret pangs. A heartless, secretive creature known for it's piety.
  • Rubble - Bipedal rock slab that is gifted with a vaguely fleshy perdurance, but yet prone to burn. It's form includes a jutting and massive head and is prone to explosions.
  • Gesistu - Anorganic, limbless self-propelled mechanical organism with a large pulsing eye and crown of wire
  • Isobet - Diminuitive, gelatinous flesh mantling machines with unnerving, probing tendrils
  • Perelepe - Small distant spirit-flesh, erudite machine originally from the Dantellite substrate. It's a creature of great poetry and mystery.
  • Toshnes - Form of mulched flash, known for horridations of teeth on piece-people in a beautiful central chamber of cog and arbors.

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