Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia (5e Campaign Setting)

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Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia[edit]

Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia is an immense machine, seemingly infinite in every direction, with no exterior. It is filled with endless maintenance tunnels, great halls filled with pistons, vats of chemicals, elevator shafts, mysterious glowing orbs, and labyrinthine liquid-powered computing mechanisms. The world of Mechabutzia is 482,803 years old and counting, with hydro-pneumatics and exhaust gas playing a crucial role. The Plotelockt, highly innovative and knowledgeable beings, are the builders and merchants of Mechabutzia, known for their low and high offers.

Within Mechabutzia, there are various monsters and creatures, such as the Gummabusts, expansive belching beings who ignite bursts of flame. There are also mystical devices like the Light of the Wall, used for spiritual channeling and healing, and the Electro-Siphon, a device that creates electric flow in trees.

The geography of Mechabutzia includes vast flat terrains, coals burning away with a creosote or soot cover, and abundant steam with gasses and toxins. There are different regions within Mechabutzia, including the Dark Sea, vast chasms and shafts that define the boundaries between regions.

Overall, the campaign setting of Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia offers a unique and mysterious world inside an immense machine, with complex mechanisms, diverse creatures, and a rich history waiting to be explored by adventurers.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

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World of Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia

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