The Primary Heat Genoratorium (Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia Supplement)

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The Primary Heat Genoratorium[edit]

Surrounding the central power station known as The Primary Heat Genoratorium, which once radiated wondrous iridescent light, but which ceased its mad operations some years prior, it is possible to navigate the elliptical porticals of the Ductite Laboratoriums and flow along the rapidly twisting monofrance structures of the canal centroids.

Mekonic men are known to reside in close proximity of to the Primary Heat Genoratorium. Besides Mekonic Men, Gummabusts are also known to reside here.

Primary Heat Genoratorium Landmarks[edit]

Ductite Laboratoriums An elliptical portical with bilobate substrata. The Ductite Laboratoriums were created in the early days of Mechabutzia and were the source of many important technologies, including tubes and ducts.

Dominocanda. Jutting the Ductite at high velocity through the Horodynamic Cratedral is the Dominocanda. Its primary function is to crack fluidium in a long horizontal tube, leading the residual to a mechanical arbor.

Canal Centroid. A rapidly cycling machine that creates a canal to regulate heat

Hyperclusturic Marana. Little is known, as this is forbidden territory.

Mononogatabundra. One of the last repositories of Dorobiites before civil war started.

Zeki Subdermal Arboreous Expansion. This is located in proximity to Ductite Laboratoriums inside the sphere.

Primary Heat Genoratorium Encounters[edit]

  1. Screecher, tentaced, caudeled vibrotransportation craft with gnarled synapse-esque trees jutting from within.
  2. Rubble Rocks - a quick rolling construct with a bright flash need. Possesses power to burst into a wild inferno, or die slowly unable to catch fire.
  3. Enraptured Goblins - a wily pack of goblins who dwell in sets of lubricious fluids silently residing on bald, black, bird-like creatures.
  4. Mekonics - repairmen with the orb living inside their puppited flesh.
  5. Eliminated traveler whose form is covered in great spiderous nodules, sucking large amounts of rotoriat.
  6. Gelings and polycutes in misty glyphs and buildings. Gelings are members of the Order which are concerned with repairs and fixing. A group of Gelings may be found with Rollers in tow.
  7. Abandoned remnants of piles in the form of planes adorned with silver wires and scarves.
  8. Moth covered, singed travelers crawling out of a shaft.
  9. Dwindling lights on the Orbiat Barricade. Wrecks of long lost orange flock members are scattered on the roadsides.
  10. Broken glass plane that is flying close to the shimmering lights of the hydro-pneumatics, a bright shaft of light below.

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