Silgenthe Underworks (Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia Supplement)

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Silgenthe Underworks[edit]

Deep beneath the Silgenthe caverns, a great reservoir of hypabyssmal waters run. It is rumored that great masses of water are released through the tunnels of the hundreds of Silgenthe Caverns. Deep sliding grottos hem in this cavern, protecting the great aqueducts of water and the passing ship yards that transport poyroids, merchandise, and other water passages. An abundance of of plant and animal life crowd the waters and surrounds, including veruns polycutes, limboid flora, staink vine, and oteres.

It is also said that the secret of infinite failure and endurance as well as the secret of transmogrification and alchemical inversions have their origins in these depths.

Silgenthe Underworks Landmarks[edit]

Water Tunnel C 16T. Famed in the Silgenthe Underworks, the waterway lake is home to a diversity of permanent and migratory flora and fauna.

Brix dam. Ships pass through this narrow passage of water and red chum, known for its bribatus blooms and swarming fish.

New Scapular Cave. Diminutive cavern covered in pink tusli fungus. Rumored to go up many floors, although very few investigations have been made due to inhalation risk of the fluff and the lack of resources.

Swamp 516. A murky, stinking slough in the Silgethe caverns that has been the site of numerous monster sightings. Emitting a pall of wicked miasmas and fumes.

Tundra D.An area of unusual flora growth in Silgenthe Underworks in a downward curve. It is rumored that this area is home to a highly skilled arcane caster who is able to hide their nearly destroyed enclave.

Mequa Vertitium. Ruins of an abandoned subterranaius city under the floor decima. Its many caverns supposedly contain an outstanding gem-settled caldera in the upper caverns ossuary.

Glacier 45. Rumored site of the formation of the first air-breathing prutoi, deeply fused to the deeper mechanisms of Mechabutzia. Frozen mechanics of Mechabutzia are preserved at the glacier and the cavern is harvested for ore and passages.

Silgenthe Underworks Encounters[edit]

  1. Pooja - In the innermost abyss, a mottled spongy patch of brain pursues it's way in the tunnels
  2. A hungry Pangraca is on the prowl.
  3. Oteres - An entire, large group of Oteres are gathering for some unknown reason. There are signs that their efforts have failed repeatedly.
  4. Verun - These veruns are trying to use their water shooting ability to get something water-like out of a cage.
  5. A catechetical cairn is surrounded by various grimy wildlife covered in grime and some of them appear to have been subjected to great forces.
  6. Debris - bits of various sticky and metallic substances in various states of decay. Some are covered in a dark, viscous liquid.
  7. The group encounters creatures made of and protecting ice. The creatures emit a freezing wind like breath.
  8. Water creatures are found gathered in a strange spiral in the middle of a waterway. The creatures are stiried by something and the group sees various objects being burst out of bubbles.
  9. An especially busy waterway. The group encounters rubble, toshnes, and yelfermal swaam. Large ships access the water tunnel from this area.
  10. An alchemical-related occurrence of a sudden, huge cloud of fluff and fumes.

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