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Power Line E3N[edit]

Power Line E3N is a section of Mechabutzia that spreads the power of heat genoratoriums.

Bublexiks feed on and send mantling lights to one another. They are known to be able to control nearby apparatus, including maintaining innards of factories, and dispensing chemical fluids. They dispense small round pills for manufacturing other machines.

Birasts make their habitation in the upper echelons of power line E3N where silos, belfries, and chimneys stretch out far above.

A center once built on top of power line E3N where sublimated particles of light were once thrashed amongst the ripples of the Coronaunteur. The transmitter and receiver were burned during the primary visitations. Only the fragments and poles relate the grandeur of this elegant machine installation.

On the grounds of E3N, a conical, relic-like structure known as the Electromechanical Eel Station is home to the Lufeelsians. Inside, the power cables of the station wind like a snake through the fiery interior. The eel stations are home to the shimmering, bulbous and hypnotic power spheres of Mechabutzia, which transmit status signals that have a hypnotic and sometimes lethargic effect on those watching them. The Harbingers developed a secret underground arsenal in the substations of the Electromechanic Eel Station.

Power Line E3N Landmarks[edit]

The Fisher Gate. A large gate that regulates the flow of traffic from power line E3N to the Narrows. The gate is manned by bialturs who are able to move the mass of the gate aside if necessary.

The Querch. A treacherous, winding path that leads to the Narrows.

The Gellers Hall. A great hall of courtyards and block buildings with a large opening where Gellers and others congregate.

The Pits and Blocks. A massive series of pits filled with high blocks and other mechanical devices that rises up around E3N as an impenetrable wall.

The Hetteriniume. A small, alley-like channel where machines often trick people by trading upgraded parts for inoperable junk parts.

The Hall. An enormous, domed hall with a stone floor that was once frequented by those who would read and discuss advanced philosophical problems.

The Librettos Chamber. A long, winding hall where books containing machinery and machinery-containing books are sorted.

The Tenelery. A large, dark chamber where small open containers have the ability to transform into large containers needed for the storage of large-scale machinery.

Power Line E3N Encounters[edit]

  1. A steam-powered, small heat-powered machine that spits out small trinkets for resolving the problems of people it encounters. The trinkets seem to be a solution, but they are highly addictive.
  2. A Lufeelsian guarding a gateway of the Electromechanical Eel Station.
  3. A water-powered road-healer machine fixes broken wheels, often causing other damage in the process.
  4. A Dantellian Gummabust collects electro-mechanical power spheres from an abandoned corner of the station.
  5. A gesistu-powered machine used for construction is abandoned, but still operating.
  6. A crank-powered gate closing mechanism is stuck in the open position, causing a large back-up of liquid flow.
  7. A small elevator system for transporting goods that has a mechanism known as the "sad head" that has been causing problems.
  8. Heteranian and Yorpe are engaged in a heated debate regarding recent attacks.
  9. Two battling Bealturs at the Fisher Gate. The Bealturs are challenging each other for rights of the gate.
  10. Shardians spreading after a recent collapse, destroying a small portion of the surrounding areas. Some of the Shardians are covered in a sticky substance and are clogging pipes and conduits.

Power Line E3N NPCs[edit]

  • Heteranian
  • Yorpe

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