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Gumganglon Order[edit]

The Gandgminorium is the oldest area of Mechabutzia, known by most as the Gumganglon Order. The Gandgminorium is filled with a labyrinth of tunnels and gates which are interconnected by various kinds of transportation, including a train line, carts, conveyor belts, giant fans and a flume system.

The Gandgminorium utorium houses a combination of machinery, abattoirs, catacombs, subways, railroads, bazaars, alleys and cities. It is the hub of of trade, distribution, and manufacturing. The Gumganglon process for making wooden objects like gears is a particularly important product.

It is rumored that elements from subdermal engineering aid in the formation and dispatch of Rubble – flesh of great slabs combine particles of mystical natures, forming a rolled out dough that can form a variety of shapes and textures.

The Gumganglon utorium was inhabited by a small number of Harbingers. The Gummabusts were liberators, who destroyed the entire city, the unfortunate inhabitants unable to escape in the three-year siege.

Gumganglon Order Landmarks[edit]

Air Cut Slurry. One of many pumps which are the premiere source of oil for distillation. The thick gray fumes rise from the hydraulic sluices.

Gumfish Pond. This is a mystical place, with those who consume the pond water experiencing great healing and change.

The Wheel of Zeke. One of the oldest parts of Mechabutzia, the massive clock of the center of the Gumganglon Order. A common gathering place for Gummabusts.

The Bazaar of Twin Hearts. A popular destination for those seeking rare parts for hybrid creatures. In the center of the bazaar is the Gelings' place of worship. It is known for its fascinating architecture and creatures.

The Woods. A perplexing, mysterious area visited by many Harbingers. There is a rumored magical spillway here. Liberated in the Third Age.

Torrid City[edit]

The greatest city in the Gumganglon Order. Its structures are arranged in an intricate disc shape, divided into 6 districts: Mec, Arts, Saal, Syll, Fields, and Caves. Each letter refers to a type of structure and physical object contained within the disc: Mec, for Machinations represented in many forms such as faces or gears, Saal for residences, Syll for conduits and portals, Arts for art murals, Fields for farmed produce and Caves for grottos and subterranean caverns.

Gumganglon Order Encounters[edit]

  1. The Geling Pit - This popular, lively but greasy, seedy tavern is a hot spot for travelers in Mechabutzia.
  2. Air Concentration of Vapors - The vapors of steam that swirl and dance near the mechanical isles can be captured in bottles, then used as a lubricant
  3. The Light of the Wall - This device is used for spiritual channeling and healing.
  4. Electro-Siphon - A mystical device from The Woods that creates electric flow in trees.
  5. Sand Wheel - One of many wheels used in the process of creating various plant and mechnical tissues. The Pangracas' main source of sustenance.
  6. Severed Hand - The hand grew again upon entering the peristaltic reactor. Inside was an imperiled soul.
  7. A Gelings' den. The Gelings are experimenting with the creation of new life.
  8. Member of the Cobial Insurgency - who seeks to expel all living creatures from Mechabutzia. A rebel group causing terror.
  9. A Duodenal Mechanical Worm (also known in some circles as the gibnorian) hauls itself along a wall.

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