Unsuppressed Abattoirs (Mundus Dipathis Mechabutzia Supplement)

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Unsuppressed Abattoirs[edit]

Unsuppressed abattoirs are thumping, clanking caverns that stretch out in every direction. It is said to be the home of Nelaus Machinate, but the corridors and thoroughfares regularly spout out different states of fog and vapor and have been known to suddenly retreat into vast chasms only to rise again later.

The architecture of the unsuppressed abattoirs is gothic, complex, and clustered. Columns, pillars of varying sizes, imperial towers and annunciatory structures are found throughout.

Goblins can be found in the unsuppressed abattoirs. Pangraca are often found hiding in the corridors.

Unsuppressed Abattoirs get its name from the servo organs grown by goblins for the purpose of sacrifice.

Unsuppressed Abattoirs Landmarks[edit]

The Numeral Generator. An immense cavernous area is filled with materials used in the creation of the numbers used in performing calculations. It includes a vast array of functionaries, components and parts.

The Sanctum of a Gelasius. The centerpiece of the Numeral Generator is a massive array of twin-cog wheels. The twin-cog turns backward in time.

The Kaga Hypogeum. Mysterious tunnels and rooms with clockwork paintings of a mysterious creature. The location of the door to the Numeral Generator. It can be reached via the Imbroglio Kingspan.

Imbroglio Kingspan. A bridge of Nambikar wood connects all of the abattoirs. Guards found here are familiar with the Golden Order.

The Glorificati Cadry. A repository for relics of religious importance. Its archives contain information covering a wide breadth of ethical matters.

Unsuppressed Abattoirs Encounters[edit]

  1. An Isobet, bursting through a door with sinister intentions
  2. Yellow Tortoise with a missing wheel
  3. Pangraca sitting on a dock, carrying a part of the Golden Order mechanical arm, looking for the engine of Order.
  4. Goblin pickpocket, part of a group with a prisoner -- a rare human swaddled in cloth.
  5. A group of Gelings, angrily smashing an engine. The engine is a sign of disunity.
  6. Rubble, next to a small pedestal, looking to build a temple in honor of the Order.
  7. Toshnes, by a revered statue, eating powder.
  8. A large box of servo organs for sacrifice located next to a table littered with pagan artifacts.
  9. A group of humans on pilgrimage, riding in a pelepe-drawn carriage. The humans are meeting with their clockwork counterparts.
  10. A group of Birasts with a load of treasure. A human cleric leads the expedition.

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