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Full Spellcasting Classes[edit]

Classes that are full spellcasters.

Name Summary Spellcasting
Aberrant Summoner A spellcaster with a mix of versatility, power and companionship. full
Aquamancer Powerful magic wielders, specializing in the element of water. full
Arcane Warrior Arcane warriors are durable melee fighters who have potent spellcasting abilities. full
Bard, 3rd Variant Another extensive rework of the classic Bard class of 5th Edition. full
Bonded An arcane warrior with connection to a weapon. full
Bone Collector Memory of the party, connections to past encounters, takes on the big bad, animates skeletons. full
Chancecaster, 2nd Variant An arcane risk-taker, because wild magic simply isn't enough. full
Chemist full
Chloromaster A soul deeply tied into the plant life around them. full
Conjurer A magic wielder that specializes in Conjuration magic by summoning matter from other realms and planes. full
Cosmic Sage A caster who utilizes magic from the energies of boundless space full
Cryomancer Cryomancers wield the power of frost to destroy their opposition. full
Curseslinger A spellcaster who can add ruinous effects to their own spells. full
Death's Servant full
Death Dealer Life is so overrated...why not cause more death to flourish full
Dirge/Priest of Nihilism An unlikely melding of the antithesis of Cleric and Bard. full
Dream Weaver A powerful fey that uses her power over the dreamscape to manifest dreams in order to aid her allies as well hinder her foes. full
Elemental Adept An Elemental Adept uses the four elements to subdue their foes in combat, defending civilized regions from evils city folk can't begin to comprehend. full
Elemental Caster A person using pure energy from one of the Elemental Planes. full
Elemental Slinger full
Empath/Heart Mage Use Emotions to control the battlefield full
Enchanter Powerful supportive roles in the group that prefer to aid their allies rather than fighting on their own. full
Eye Mage If you can see their eyes, it's already too late. full
Fateweaver A melee spellcaster whose study of medicine allows arcane healing abilities. full
Gifted Warrior full
Gri-Gri Mystic (Wokan) A primitive casting class, able to learn casting spells through sacrifice, spellbooks or scrolls, or by being taught. full
Gun Mage Magical gunners who cast spells through their bullets full
Hand of the Kraken A religious warrior that summons tentacles to control the battlefield. full
Healer, Variant A peace loving Healer whom is not a Cleric, instead a person of purity and good intent for others. full
Healer I AM NOT A CLERIC!...I am a healer. Barbarian: There's a difference? full
Hexer, Variant A curseslinger. Armed with hexes and dark magic, and accompanied by a powerful familiar. full
Inquisitor, 2nd Variant Holy warrior who is entrusted with the task of rooting out heresy. full
Inquisitor, Variant Holy warrior who is entrusted with the task of root out heresy. full
Inscriber full
Kaleido, Variant A magical girl who can transform into multiclass. full
Kaleido Ever changing like a kaleidoscope, showing the exquisite form of many classes. full
Kamen Rider Heisei Are You Ready ¬°Henshin! full
Lich, 3rd Variant Even death cannot stop you now, explore the new possibilities given to you in undeath. full
Lich, 4th Variant Even death cannot stop you now, explore the new possibilities given to you in undeath. full
Lich, Variant Even death cannot stop you now, explore the new possibilities given to you in undeath. full
Mage, Variant A caster of arcane magic, used by wise scholars and chaotic enigmas alike. They are capable of prodigious potential and great change. full
Mage Mages are spellcasters that often don't have the time or patience to prepare spells every day but lack the innate abilities of a sorcerer. full
Manipulator A bard-like spell caster focused more on manipulation rather than music full
Master Thief full
Medico della Peste The controversial magical healer of the plague, who also brings swift death full
Mesmerist full
Necromancer, 3rd Variant A master of life and death can be a wonderful companion or a terrible enemy full
Necromancer, Another Variant A spellcaster who uses the corpses of friend or foe to aid him. full
Necromancer A person who uses magic to interact with the deceased. full
Nullifer Once those who had dedicated themselves to magic, now put their knowledge and wisdom to the test by protecting others from hazardous magical relics or casters. full
Oracle A divine vessel with allegiance to no single god. full
Personifier A card master who infuses himself with the power of a deck of tarot cards full
Phoenixmancer Wielder of flames and healing with reincarnation powers full
Primordial Arcane A powerful mage with beyond 9th level spell slots full
Psion, Variant Psions are the quintessential manipulators of psionic power. full
Psion Psions are the quintessential manipulators of psionic power. full
Psychic Ward full
Puppet A caster who's magical power resonates from being owned by an elemental. full
Pyromancer Those who have ignited the kindling within themselves. Pyromancers. full
Sacrae My life shudders before the wheel. full
Seer Someone who saw a glimpse and never turned back. full
Shaman The bridge that connects the world of the living and the world of the dead, taking the power of spirits to cast spells and gain other powers. full
Shattered, Variant full
Skinwalker True masters of the art of shape shifting full
Soothsayer A soothsayer is a formidable opponent on the battlefield, casting spells from memory and sheer charisma. Although they are not masters over many spells, they can accumulate many through careful search. full
Sorcerer, Elemental Variant An altered sorcerer, more in tune with elemental magic. full
Spellblade, Variant An arcane warrior able to cast powerful spells while remaining true to its nature as a melee fighter, thanks to a simple and innovative mechanic. full
Spirit Lord Summon spirits by your side, to aid your allies in battle. Be offensive or defensive! full
Standard Bearer Front-line fighters who inspire others to fight with more willpower full
Star Caller A spell caster with a deep connection to the cosmos full
Storm Mage Warriors who use the power of thunderstorms to enhance their combat abilities full
Summoner, 10th variant A half-caster linked with a powerful summon named Eidolon. full
Synergist full
Tempus full
Unblessed Those that were taken upon the grip of a god. To obey its every commands it's your penance. But you are yourself, if thy god granted you power, you shall use it as yourself. full
Undead Master An (not entirely) undead minion focused necromancer. full
Undead Summoner, 2nd Variant A dedicated summoner of undead. full
Vessel Warriors whose bodies encapsulate otherworldly spirits. full
Voice of the Gods This type of bard uses the sound of their voice to infuse their weapons with the power of magic. Their voice can sound like that of an angel. They are not bound by one god alone, as they are the speaker for all gods. full
Water Manipulator full
Wave Controller Position from the webtoon comic, Tower of God, made to be used in a campaign based around the setting of the comic. Can be used in other campaigns if allowed by DM. full
Weaver, Variant full
Wiccan full
Wild Shaman A reworked version of the Druid that is better and closer to a support/healer. full
Wu Jen Mystical magic users from the eastern lands of Kara-Tur full

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