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This content intends to provide a different experience, or goes beyond the scope of the anticipated subjects and situations, than the 5e rules were intended to handle. Some portions of the content below may not be what you expect from traditional game content. When implementing this content, DMs and Players should read over all the information carefully, and consider the following specific notes of interest:
This creature was created as part of the Player Equivalent CR variant rule using the Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) class and Genin (5e Background) background, and as such does not follow traditional CR.

Yagura Karatachi[edit]

Medium humanoid (Karatachi), neutral good

Armor Class 20 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points 165 (22d8 + 66)
Speed 70 ft. (80 in Initial Release, 100 in Tailed Release)

10 (+0) 18 (+4) 17 (+3) 16 (+3) 10 (+0) 8 (-1)

Saving Throws Con +9, Cha +5
Skills Acrobatics +10, Arcana +9, Deception +5, Perception +6, Stealth +10
Senses passive Perception 16
Languages Common
Challenge 19 (22,000 XP)

Chakra. Yagura has 45 chakra points which he can expend. All chakra points are regained at the end of a long rest.

Evasion. When Yagura is targeted by an area effect that lets him make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, such as fireball, he instead takes no damage if he succeeds on the saving throw, and only half damage if he fails the save.

Ninja Speed. Yagura can take the dash, dodge, and disengage actions as a bonus action, and can move along vertical surfaces.

Red Chakra. Some of Yagura's features grant him "red chakra". If his own chakra is less than his red chakra, he must attempt a DC 14 Constitution saving throw at the end of each of his turns. On a failure, he gains 1 level of exhaustion. This DC increases to 16 in Initial Release, 18 in Tailed Release, and 20 in Tailed Beast Mode. These special "red" chakra are counted separately from his normal chakra. He can use this chakra on one Jutsu or spread them across multiple, but he can not spend these points and his own normal chakra points on the same jutsu. This chakra can extend above his chakra point maximum, and is lost at the end of a short rest.

Mist Weapon Seal. Yagura's jutsu deal twice as much damage to Isobu.

Blood Rage. As a bonus action or when he drops to half his maximum hit points, Yagura's melee attacks deal twice as much damage, he may not cast jutsu, and he becomes berserk for 1 minute. Yagura may use this once, regaining use at the end of a long rest.


Multiattack. Yagura can make 3 unarmed strikes.

Unarmed Strike. Melee Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 14 (4d4 + 4) magical bludgeoning damage.

Hooked Staff. Melee Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (1d8 + 4) magical piercing damage.

Kunai. Thrown Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, range 30/60 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (1d4 + 4) piercing damage. Yagura may spend up to 3 chakra when he takes this action, making one additional attack per chakra point spent. Each additional kunai deals 3 (1d4 + 1) piercing damage on a hit.

Basic Ninjutsu Technique (1 Chakra). As a bonus action, Yagura can move across liquid surfaces as if they were solid. If he is submerged, he rises to the surface of the liquid at a rate of 60 feet per round.

Transformation (1+ Chakra). Yagura becomes identical to a person, creature or non-magical object he has a complete visual image of. This can not be a light source, armor, tool, or vehicle and, and he can not recreate a magical effect. Creatures must make a DC 17 Investigation check realize that he is transformed. If the creature saw Yagura performing the Jutsu, they automatically succeed. This does not change statistics, save for granting the creature's swimming and flying speeds.

Body Flicker (3 Chakra). Yagura's movement speed doubles, and his movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Hidden Chakra. When Yagura has less than half his maximum chakra, he gains 18 red chakra. He may use this once, regaining all uses at the end of a long rest.

Initial Release. As a bonus action, Yagura enters Initial Release. This reveals him as a Jinchūriki to anyone that can see him and anyone who can detect magic or see chakra may make an Insight check, and he gains the following benefits:

  • The cost of all Jutsu Yagura knows are reduced in chakra costs by 1, except for Jutsu that only cost 1 chakra.
  • Yagura's movement speed increases by +10 ft.
  • At the start of each of his turns, Yagura regains 3 hit points.
  • Yagura gains advantage on Strength and Dexterity checks and saving throws.
  • This state ends if Yagura chooses to do so as an action, or if he is knocked unconscious.
  • Yagura loses 2 chakra and gains 2 red chakra at the end of each of his turns.

Tailed Release. While Initial Release is active, Yagura gains the following:

  • Yagura's unarmed strikes deal an additional 2 (1d4) slashing damage.
  • Yagura's movement speeds increase by 20 ft.
  • Yagura regains additional 3 hit points (6 total) at the beginning of each of his turns.
  • On any successful unarmed strike, the targets movement speed is decreased by 5 feet until the end of their next turn.
  • Yagura can activate Hidden Chakra as a bonus action, and can use red chakra in tandem with his own.
  • Yagura loses 4 chakra and gains 4 red chakra at the end of each of his turns.

Tailed Beast Mode. As a full turn action, Yagura becomes identical to Isobu with the same percentage of hit points remaining. If he is reduced to 0 hit points, Yagura returns to his normal form. Yagura keeps his features, chakra points, and chakra point maximum while in this form. Yagura loses 6 chakra and gains 6 red chakra at the end of each of his turns.

Deep-Sea Amplification (5 Chakra). When Yagura casts a jutsu that deals damage, all of its damage is converted into cold damage. Additionally, if the target fails jutsu's this saving throw, they are stunned for 1 minute. They may retry this saving throw at the end of each of their turns, ending this effect early on a success. If the jutsu did not have a saving throw, the target must attempt a DC 18 Constitution saving throw after they take damage.

Coral Rising Attack (3+ Chakra). Melee Weapon Attack: +11 to hit, reach 40 ft., one target. Hit: 9 (1d8 + 5) magical piercing damage and their movement speed is decreased by 5 feet until the end of their next turn. Yagura may decrease their movement speed by an additional 5 feet for every 3 additional chakra points spent.

Water Gun (1 Chakra). Ranged Spell Attack: +10 to hit, range 20 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (1d8 + 4) magical piercing damage.

Water Mass Crumbling Bullet (20 Chakra). All creatures within a 20 ft. x 120 ft. line must attempt a DC 18 Dexterity saving throw. On a failure, they take 24 (3d12 + 4) cold damage, are knocked prone, and lose their next action coughing up a copious amount of water. On a success, they take half as much damage and are knocked prone.

Water Style Shadow Clone (5+ Chakra/Clone). Yagura creates up to five clones. Each clone has 30 hit points and the chakra spent creating it (this applies to things that would reduce the cost), but can not leave a 60 ft. radius of Yagura. The clones can take actions as normal, but do not benefit from the Extra Attack feature. Yagura controls them and they act on the same initiative. They last until they are reduced to 0 hit points, they expend all of their chakra, Yagura dismisses them at will, or they fall unconscious. If the clone still has chakra when it dissipates, Yagura regains any remaining chakra from the clone - 4 (minimum 0). Each clone is otherwise identical to Yagura, including equipment, features, and any effects affecting Yagura when he creates the clone. Any charges, such as from features or magic items, are shared between all clones and Yagura. If an effect would cause a clone to gain at least 1 level of exhaustion, including at the end of the effect's duration, the effect fails and the clone automatically dissipates. When a shadow clone dissipates, the main body receives any memories it has acquired as if it experienced it itself.

Water Mirror (3+ Chakra). When Yagura is targeted by an attack or saving throw from a creature within 30 feet, you may make a Water Style Shadow Clone (requiring the chakra necessary for that jutsu) that acts as a perfect replica of the creature, still using Yagura's statistics. The creature and clone automatically target each other with the same action. The clone acts on the creature's turn, and perfectly replicates their actions and movement. If the creature is casting a jutsu, the clone will as well, but must have as much chakra as the jutsu's cost. This also causes Yagura to not regain the base chakra spent to create the clone.

Water Dragon (15 Chakra). Yagura forms a dragon from water within 60 ft. for 1 minute (concentration). He can form and control up to 3 dragons at a time. Beyond being Large, vulnerable to fire damage, immune to non-magical and cold damage, not being able to move, and having 90 hit points and 18 AC, it has the same statistics as Yagura. It acts on his initiative and has the following actions:

  • Multiattack. It can make one bite attack and two claw attacks.
    • Bite deals 7 (1d6 + 4) piercing damage
    • Claw deals 6 (1d4 + 4) slashing damage
  • Grapple. The dragon uses the grapple attack. While grappled in this manner, a creature can not breath.
  • Self Destruct. The dragon can be sacrificed, ramming itself into a target at high speeds as a ranged spell attack. The target is pushed 40 ft. away and takes 43 (8d8 + 4) cold damage on a successful hit.


Substitution (3+ Chakra). When Yagura is hit by an attack and would take damage, he decreases the damage by 23 (1d10 + 18) and teleport up to 15 ft. in any direction to an unoccupied space, during which he takes the Hide action. A generic object is left in his place, and Yagura takes any remaining damage from that attack. Yagura can reduce this damage by an additional 6 (1d10) points per chakra point spent over the initial cost.


Born in the Mist Village in the early days of the Bloody Mist, Yagura easily rose to the top of his class. During his nation's graduation ritual, he easily cut down his classmate without struggle or remorse. A distant descendant of the Third Mizukage, Isobu was sealed within him to keep the tailed beast's power loyal to the village after their failed attack utilizing Rin Nohara as a temporary vessel, though this was years after the event, and Yagura's graduation, due to Isobu needing to reconstitute itself. He became the third known shinobi to ever gain full control over his jinchuriki, mastering its power to easily become Fourth Mizukage, proudly leading his nation.

Early into his reign, Juzo Biwa and Itachi Uchiha, two members of the Akatsuki, attempted to operate covertly within his nation in order to carry out an assassination, Yagura took the opportunity to not only make a show of strength, but eliminate one of his own traitors. While the hunter-nin squad he deployed with were killed, he easily took down Juzo, and was only just taken down by Itachi's Amaterasu, his strongest technique at the time. Some time after, he fathered Kagura, his son, though he would only just know him as a newborn.

Years later, another Akatsuki squad, this time consisting of Pain, Konan, and a masked man who would only refer to himself as Madara confronted him. While Yagura prepared for battle, Madara placed not only he, but his tailed beast under genjutsu, extracting Isobu and manipulating his corpse. For years, "Yagura" would execute anyone who argued against his reign while simultaneously committing numerous crimes, including extorting the poor, all the while making the title of Village of the Bloody Mist known internationally. Due to the stark contrast in his early and late reign, many believed he was being manipulated, some going so far as to attempt to attempt a full on revolt, such as Zabuza, though all of them would be thwarted relatively easily, even if rumors of shinobi in black and red cloaks appeared on occasion. Shortly before the joint Leaf-Sand Chunin Exams, Ao discovered that his kage was under genjutsu while testing his Byakugan, dispelling it, dropping his cold body to the floor in view of many other respected Mist shinobi. Following his death, Mei Terumi would be elected Mizukage.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he was resurrected by Kabuto before once again being put under the masked man's control, though this time as a one of the Six Paths of Pain, having Isobu temporarily injected back into his body. After an extended fight with Naruto, Killer B, Kakashi, and Might Guy, he and his fellow jinchuriki were just barely able to enter the jinchuriki mind space together, putting both he and Isobu's faith, and a fragment of Isobu's chakra, in Naruto before returning to the afterlife.

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