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Hello I'm someone who's been playing Dnd for about 9 years now and I'm glad to help anyone with anything as long as I can. I mostly play 5e but I started on 3.5e. If you catch me in the tavern and you are worthy I will bake you a magical dessert.



I bestow upon you the lowest honor known to D&D Wiki: the Lionring!--GamerAim (talk) 18:38, 25 June 2017 (MDT)

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I award you with the Lionring in return for making the Exceptionally Scrumptious Pie (5e Equipment) and lightening my mood.--GamerAim (talk) 18:38, 25 June 2017 (MDT)

Pages I've made:


Ambun (5e Race)

Blugruim (5e Race)

Cauzerauti (5e Race)

Chibido (5e Race) NR

Corado (5e Race) NR

Gadragger (5e Race) NR

Half-Genie (5e Race) NR

Kumakin (5e Race) NR

Lamia (5e Race)

Marunae (5e Race)

Mitocabra (5e Race)

Neko (5e Race) NR

Roba (5e Race)

Suva (5e Race)

Xortan (5e Race)


Deathslinger (5e Class)

Personifier (5e Class)


Path of the Pinoak Warrior (5e Archetype) Barbarian

College of Synth (5e Subclass) Bard

Insanity Magic (5e Archetype) Sorcerer

Believer (5e Archetype) Sorcerer


Liver Leech (5e Creature)


Exceptionally Scrumptious Pie (5e Equipment) Made for GamerAim

Fortunate Cookies (5e Equipment) Made for SgtLion

Judgement's Sting (5e Equipment)

Sugar Snaps of Speed (5e Equipment) Made for ConcealedLight


Manic Manacles (5e Spell)


The Trifadishti Petals (5e Pantheon) Including all individual god's pages

Things I've Worked On or Helped With

Ring of Action Saving (5e Equipment) Saved from Deletion

Android (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Death Qaz (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Nescerei (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Cartura (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Sumarian (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Evorian (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Aligotarian (5e Race) Fixed Tables and Template

Azara (5e Race) Improved Grammar and Added Height/Weight Table

Zaa' Hraa (5e Race) Rebalanced and Improved Grammar

Blaad' Os (5e Race) Rebalanced and Improved Grammar

Avali (5e Race) Rebalanced and Improved Grammar

Arsenasite (5e Race) Rebalanced

Ikuisuus (5e Race) Rebalanced

Vidreans (5e Race) Rebalanced

Floran (5e Race) Rebalanced

Zardak (5e Race) Rebalanced

Avariel (5e Race) Improved Grammar

S'Tek (5e Race) Improved Grammar

Gren'wir (5e Race) Fixed Broken Preload and Grammar

Clamantes hostia (5e Race) Added Characteristics

Oath of The Justiciar (5e Archetype) Rebalanced

Choker (5e Creature) Added Description

Fish Fiend (5e Creature) Added Description

Kakamora (5e Creature) Rebalanced

Ooze, Arcane (5e Creature) Recalculated CR

Thokola (5e Creature) Recalculated CR

Kalkara (5e Creature) Recalculated CR, Added Description and Rebalanced

Tako (5e Creature) Recalculated CR and Rebalanced

Johyo (5e Creature) Grammar

Lost Pages Which Have Found Their Homes (Categorized Pages From Uncategorized List)

Ancient Core Hound (3.5e Creature)

Spider-Monk (3.5e Class)

Swashbuckler (3.5e Class)

Ronso (5e Race)

Awakened Animal (5e Race)

Chemist (3.5e Class)

Enchantment Brewing (3.5e Feat)

Rune Keeper (5e Class)

Sol en victus (5e Deity)

Ancient Warforged (5e Race)

God Touched (5e Background)

Kritian (5e Race)

Lancer (5e Subclass)

Child Of Cosmos (5e Race)

Doppelganger (5e Race)

Enigma (5e Class)

Half Fey (5e Race)

Musubi (5e Deity)

Punisher (5e Feat)

Minor Alchemy

"Now we all know that some can brew potions to carry spells and other magical enchantments, but what about good, old fashioned, potion making from the ingredients of nature in different biomes. Although not as affective as their magical counterparts, poultices, tonics and remedies still deserve their place among the more modern potion brewing!" Basics of the Wadering Apothecary by Stromas Makerath


The following tables and rules will add a new downtime ability "Brew Poultice/Tonic/Remedy" allowing your character to brew minor potions (known as salves) split into the following 3 categories.

1. Poultices: A poultice has to do the maintaining of everyday health and healing, and can grant effects such as stabilization from death, minor hit point recovery and even the granting of temporary hit points.

2. Tonics: A tonic is a performance enhancing potion which increases your efficiency in certain domains, and can grant effects such as minor skill increases and advantage under certain conditions

3. Remedies: Remedies are potions which help recover or remove harmful effects currently tainting the body and mind and are usually used the suppression and treatment of poisons, diseases and even curses in some cases.

It takes 4 hours to gather the necessary ingredients and craft one of the aforementioned salves. You will also require something to cook them in (pot, metal bowl, cauldron) something to hold them in (vial, canteen, flask) and access to some form of water. Minor Alchemy is made using a Medicine check and a Nature check. The Nature check is used to find and identify ingredients in the natural world from fungus and flora. You gain advantage on this check to find and gather if you have an Herbalism Kit. The Medicine check is used to brew the salve. The first check has a Dc equal to 8+the terrains scarcity score, if the character passes, they find the type of ingredients they were looking for and you may roll twice on the Ingredient table for the biome they are searching and for whichever type of salve they are making. If the fail the save by 6 points or less roll twice across the entire list of there biomes ingredients and if they fail the save by any more than that, roll once across the entire list of there biomes ingredients. You must have 2 ingredients from the same salve type to brew a salve, but they do not need to be from the same biome.

Biomes and Scarcity

Each terrain, or biome, has different flora, fauna and/or fungus that van be used in a variety of ways, but not all larders are equally stocked. For example, regardless of how good you are at scrounging up materials for a shelter, it is harder to find wood in the desert than it is in the forest, and Minor Alchemy is no different. Therefore each terrain is assigned a Scarcity Score to represent the additional difficulty of finding good ingredients when you need them and they are as follows:

Arctic SS:12

Coast SS: 6

Desert SS: 14

Forest SS:6

Grassland SS:8

Hill SS: 6

Mountain SS: 10

Swamp SS: 6

Underdark SS: 10

Underwater SS: 8

Urban SS: 12

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