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A world almost completely dominated by a single empire, were ancient cults conspire to bring back the glory of their scaled masters; where the dragons are dead, but their power has still yet not faded. Where magic and technology are one in the same, and are used to keep a fragile peace through oppression and fear.

Continents filled with high magic, but with still dark and frightening secrets creeping just around the corner; a world filled with distant lands to explore, forgotten nations to unearth and deadly plots to unveil, were conspiracy and treachery are always a constant presence.

This is the world built on the foundation of dragon bones, and shaped by ancient draconic magic, the world of Sylfaen.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Info on classes in the campaign setting and what roles they play
Races available in the campaign setting and how common/rare they are-
Adventuring Gear
Potions and Poisons
Mounts and Animals
Other Goods and Services
Additional homebrew feats available in the setting
Spells & Magic
Info on custom spell lists or additional spells available for spellcasters
Background & Languages
Additional backgrounds & languages available in the setting
Downtime Activities
Activities for players to do while not adventuring

World of Sylfaen

The World & Locales
Explanation on the world, its continents and seas, and important or singular locations.
Time and History
A look of the setting's history, mainly comprising of major events.
Information on the nations and cultures that fill the world of Sylfaen.
Factions and Organizations
Details on the organized groups that bear great influence or have heavy presence in Sylfaen.
Info on how the plane the setting takes place in interacts and connects with the broader multiverse and other planes.
A pantheon of the gods in the campaign setting, which includes their symbols, their attributions, their practices of worship, and how/if they commonly interact with the world.

Dungeon Master's Guide

An optional page which goes gives a general explanation of the world.
An examination/list of monsters found in the campaign setting.
Various peoples and individuals that populate the world
List of magical items available in the setting.
Variant Rules
Optional rules for DMs to implement while playing a campaign in Sylfaen.
Quests, dungeons, campaigns, and conflicts found within the setting
Tables for random encounters/loot tables/other things

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