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Stone of 100 Reincarnations: to use this stone, you must be any neutral, and have at least 10 ranks in Knowledge (Nature). if you do not fulfill both of these requirements, the stone burns to the touch. When activated, this large stone is set into your chest. regardless of race, you get the Magical beast Subtype. you are now completely immune to polymorph. this immunity is unable to be lowered, and even wish or miracle cannot restore your form. whenever you die, you have reincarnate cast on you, except you roll on the table below for your new form. your racial variant to stats is plus or minus the stat's deviation from 10. this doesn't affect charisma, intelligence, or wisdom. you no longer lose levels when you reincarnate, but you do lose all xp progress towards your next level, or, if not at least 10% to your next level, 500 x yourlevel xp. this can result in level loss. whenever you change into a creature below, you gain their racial hit dice as your class hit dice, unless they are humanoid. no level adjustment incurs from any of these forms. while you SRD:Reincarnate, the energy of nature surrounds you, protecting you from harm. you will always SRD:Reincarnate, even when the spell says you cannot. if the stone in your chest is ever broken, however, you no longer reincarnate, but still have all of the other effects here. the stone has 20hardness, 100hp, and is immune to disintegrate. repairs to the stone cost 150 gp per hit point. if broken, you have to find another to replace it. the stone will not come out naturally. the stone doesn't take damage unless a called shot is made against it.

Overwhelming Transmutation;CL 17; Craft Wondrous Item, SRD:Reincarnate, 15 ranks in Knowledge (Nature), creator must be a druid who has been reincarnated at least once.; Cost 83790 gold, 8379xp.; Weight: 10 lb.; Market Price: 167580

d% Incarnation
01 Bugbear
02 Lizard
03 Bat
04 Hawk
05 horse
06 Black Bear
07 Wolf
08 Constrictor Snake
09 Tiny Viper
10 Raven
11 Camel
12 Large Viper
13 Eagle
14 Hyena
15 Lion
16 Rat
17 Dire Wolf
18 Roc
19 Crocodile
20 Dire bat
21 Badger
22 Giant Crocodile
23 Human
24 Owl
25 Aquatic Elf
26 Blue (Goblin)
27 Orc
28 Lizarfolk
29 Goblin
30 Centaur
31 Ogre
31 Hobogoblin
32 Gargoyle
33 Polar Bear
34 Weasel
35 Giant Ant
36 Giant Ant Queen
37 Giant Ant soldier
38 Giant Ant Worker
39 Psueudodragon-
40 Wyvern
41 merfolk
42 Giant Eagle
43 Kobold
44 Black Pudding
45 Elder Black Pudding
46 Gray Ooze
47 Cockatrice
48 Manticore-
49 Unicorn-
50 Pegasus
51 Dryad
52 Satyr
53 Pony
54 Ape
55 Dire Bear
56 Dire Boar
57 Toad
58 Dire Rat
59 Dire Tiger
60 Dire Badger
61 Medium Viper
62 Giant Constrictor Snake
63 Spider Swarm (hive mind)
64 Centipede Swarm (hive mind)
65 Doppelganger
66 Harpy
67 Green Dragon(hatchling)
68 Red dragon (hatchling)
69 Locathah
70 Gold Dragon (hatchling)
71 Silver Dragon (hatchling)
72 Blue Dragon (hatchling)
73 Copper dragon (hatchling)
74 Half-Dragon (human)
75 drow
76 dire porcupine
77 Androsphinx/Gynosphinx
78 Giant Owl
79 Phase Spider
80 Dragonne
81 Basilisk
82 Kraken
83 Bulette
84 Gray Render
85 Gargantuan Monstrous Spider
86 Black Dragon (very Young)
87 White Dragon (very young)
88 Drow
89 Ettin
90 Twelve-Headed Hydra
91-94 Crystal Fails to preserve gender, become female, roll again.
95 Crystal Fails to preserve gender, become genderless, roll again.
96-99 Crystal Fails to preserve gender, become male, roll again.
100 Crystal Fails to preserve gender, become dual-gender, roll again.

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