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Apotheosis Crystal[edit]

Apotheosis crystal is a rare and valuable crystal found in Mechabutzia. It is known for its unique properties and various uses. Here is what we know about apotheosis crystal:

  • Appearance: Apotheosis crystal is a translucent, pale blue crystal that glows with a soft inner light. It is typically found in small, irregularly shaped pieces.
  • Properties: Apotheosis crystal has a number of unique properties, making it highly sought after by adventurers and craftsmen alike. It is a potent source of magical energy, and can be used to create powerful magical items. It also has the ability to amplify and enhance other magical effects, making it a valuable component in spellcasting.
  • Rarity: Apotheosis crystal is very rare and difficult to find. It is typically only found in the deepest, most dangerous parts of Mechabutzia, and is often guarded by powerful creatures or difficult to access due to its location.
  • Uses: Apotheosis crystal has a number of uses in the crafting of magical items and spellcasting. It can be used as a component in the creation of powerful magical artifacts, or as a focus for spellcasting. Its ability to amplify other magical effects makes it a valuable tool for spellcasters looking to increase the potency of their spells.
  • Dangers: While apotheosis crystal is a valuable and powerful substance, it is also extremely dangerous. Exposure to its raw magical energy can be lethal, and prolonged exposure can cause severe mutations and physical deformities. Additionally, many of the creatures that guard apotheosis crystal are extremely dangerous, making it a perilous substance to acquire.


Blisters are fungal growths found in puritis and apotheosis crystal walls. They are often seen as an unwanted and dangerous presence, as they can cause structural instability and other hazardous conditions.

Blisters have been known to contain dangerous spores that can cause respiratory problems and other health issues for those exposed to them. Additionally, they can weaken the structural integrity of nearby materials, leading to possible collapses or other accidents.

In terms of game mechanics, blisters can be used as a hazard or obstacle for players to overcome. For example, they could be blocking a passageway that the players need to traverse, or they could be releasing spores that the players must avoid or neutralize.


Dantellite is a brown, flaky, powdery substance found in Mechabutzia. It is often found in the lower levels of the world and is considered a rare and valuable resource.

Dantellite is formed by the growth of the blisters, which are fungous growths that can be found in the puritis and apotheosis crystal walls. The blisters are said to be able to open up portals to other dimensions, and the dantellite that is formed in them is believed to have otherworldly properties.

There are many different uses for dantellite. It is often used in the creation of magical items and machines, as it is said to be able to channel magical energy. It is also used in the creation of portals and gateways, allowing people to travel to other parts of Mechabutzia or even other worlds.

However, dantellite is also known to be extremely dangerous. It can cause mutations in those who come into contact with it, and prolonged exposure can even cause death. Those who handle dantellite often wear protective gear and take great care to avoid inhaling or ingesting it.

Despite the risks, many adventurers seek out dantellite in order to harness its power and use it to their advantage. The Gummabusts are known to have a particular interest in dantellite, and they are often the ones who discover and extract it from the blisters.


Pistonium is a substance found in Mechabutzia that has unique properties. It is a magical electro-mechanical substance that has been used in the creation of various mechanisms throughout the world. Pistonium is known for its incredible durability and is often used as a support in the structure of Olioto.

Pistonium is also used in the creation of the Mitosurual system, which consists of ropes, pistons, and other machines guided by a primitive nervous system in order to move and transform the creations of heat genoratoriums. The Mitosurual system is used in many aspects of life in Mechabutzia, including transportation, construction, and manufacturing.

In addition to its structural and mechanical uses, pistonium also has some magical properties. It has been used in the creation of magical artifacts such as the pivotkin, which is a cylindrical-shaped stick with glass on both ends that allows the user to see in a wide arc.

Overall, pistonium is a valuable resource in Mechabutzia and is used in many aspects of life in the world. Its unique properties make it a versatile substance that is highly sought after by those who seek to create and innovate in the world of Mechabutzia.


Phthuff is a substance found in Mechabutzia that is used as a source of light and energy. It is brought by the Harbingers who arrive with tubes that continuously flow with the substance. Phthuff can be used as a power source for various machines and devices, as well as a source of illumination in the dark and foggy areas of Mechabutzia.

When used as a weapon, Phthuff can be used to create electric spheres that can harm enemies. It can also be used to provide temporary resistance to lightning damage when injected into a creature with a Phthuff syringe.

However, Phthuff can also be dangerous when handled improperly or in excessive amounts. It is known to cause mutations in creatures exposed to it for prolonged periods of time, and overexposure to Phthuff can lead to madness and physical deterioration. The Orange Flock, a deadly phenomenon in Mechabutzia, is believed to be caused by an overabundance of Phthuff in certain areas.

Despite its risks, Phthuff remains a valuable resource in Mechabutzia, sought after by adventurers, inventors, and traders alike.


Powder is an explosive substance found in the subterranean part of Mechabutzia. It is a volatile and highly unstable compound that can be used as a weapon of destruction. The exact composition of Powder is a closely guarded secret known only to a few select groups within Mechabutzia.

The substance is usually stored in small quantities and kept under tight security due to its explosive nature. Only those who are trained in handling explosives and have a special permit from the authorities are allowed to handle and use Powder.

When ignited, Powder can release a massive amount of energy in the form of heat and pressure, causing significant damage to structures and living beings within its blast radius. Its explosive power can vary depending on the quantity and quality of the Powder used, as well as the manner in which it is detonated.

The use of Powder is strictly regulated in Mechabutzia, and any unauthorized possession or use of the substance can result in severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines. Despite this, Powder is sometimes used by rebel groups or other factions as a means of attacking their enemies or causing chaos within the city.

Overall, Powder is a dangerous and powerful substance that requires careful handling and management. Its potential for destruction is great, and those who possess it must exercise extreme caution and responsibility.

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