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Heat Genoratoriums[edit]

Heat genoratoriums are massive complexes of machines and systems that generate heat and pressure through a complex series of chemical reactions and mechanical processes. These systems are powered by hydro-pneumatics and Vehelicium, a magical electro-mechanical substance.

Heat genoratoriums are home to various types of machinery, including large boilers, turbines, and generators. These machines are powered by the heat and pressure and they, in turn, power the various systems throughout Mechabutzia.

Heat genoratoriums are maintained by skilled workers who are responsible for ensuring that the machinery is functioning correctly and that the chemical reactions are occurring as they should. These workers are highly trained and skilled, and they are responsible for keeping the Heat Genoratorium running smoothly to ensure that Mechabutzia continues to function correctly.

A very large but defunct structure is known as The Primary Heat Genoratorium.

Mitosurual System[edit]

The Mitosurual system is a primitive nervous system used in Mechabutzia to control and operate various machines and devices. It consists of ropes, pistons, and other mechanical components that are guided by a network of nerves made from a specialized organic substance. The nerves can be found throughout Mechabutzia and are connected to control centers that allow for precise control of the machines.

The system is used extensively in the operation of the heat genoratoriums, which are responsible for providing warmth and energy to various parts of Mechabutzia. The Mitosurual system allows for precise control of the machines, ensuring that they operate efficiently and effectively.

In addition to the heat genoratoriums, the Mitosurual system is also used in other machines throughout Mechabutzia, such as pumps, elevators, and conveyor belts. The system has been refined over many years and is considered one of the most advanced mechanical systems in the world.

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