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Soon after the creation of Mechabutzia, a war broke out, with the defenders and an invading army both attempting to evade the course of 'fallen stars' that would destroy their power generators. After lights-out, a force of decaying elements built the Dantellate Substrate, opening a void that act as Mechabutzia's inner sanctum.

Time. Hydro-pneumatics require exhaust gas to force the working fuild from one place to another. Duct work carries the exhause gas and toxic reisidue is expelled through the Other Plane.

The world is 482,803 years old and counting - that corresponds to the number of pulsations of the hydro-pneumatics.

Historical Events[edit]

First Age Events[edit]

  • The world is created. The first Orbiad devices, the Hatches, are created.
  • Civil war ripens bewteen geling and metanites. The geling are victorius.
  • Heat Genoratorium created. The underworks are created and the puritis are built.
  • Blisters are on their way just as the liquid roof of the world falls away, causing a swirling dark sea.

Second Age Events[edit]

  • Near 105,151–46: A war occured
  • Vehelicium and pistonium created.
  • Rare books are desecrated in the war
  • Heat stations' buffers are destroyed
  • A place was found in the mechabutzian expansion: the Zeki Subdermal Arboretum.
  • Subdermal spheres were generated when they started to expand and force themslves outward.

Third Age Events[edit]

Fourth Age Events[edit]

Fifth Age Events[edit]

  • 408,710–905: The orange flock is created.
  • 473,220–315: The purge is enacted using magical storms that crash into the invading force over 20 days.
  • 473,315: Wizards use varying sizes of vile orbs to combine their powers, which affect their machines' materials causing the creations to turn into a crusty powder.
  • 479,240–315: The Black Castle is defeated.
  • Torrid City is built.

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