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This campaign setting is somewhat experimental - much of the text has been generated by OpenAI Playground - an implementation of GPT·3, an "autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text."


  • Blisters – These are funguous growths found in puritis and apotheosis crystal walls. See Hazards and Substances.
  • Dantellite substrate – A brown substance that forms under the Mechabutzian shell. See Hazards and Substances.
  • Heat genoratorium – A device that generates heat for use in machinery.
  • Mitosurual system – Ropes, pistons, and other machines guided by a primitive nervous system in order to move and transform the creations of heat genoratoriums is known widely as the Mitosurual system
  • Orange flock – Mystery flock endears, causing death in all but a select few.
  • Other Plane – A location where the toxic residue from hydro-pneumatics is expelled.
  • Phthuff Flange – The wonderful pipes spout light and echo throughout Mechabutzia.
  • The Phthuff Occurance – The name for the Harbingers' common arrival, who arrive clutching tubes that fill with a never-ending flow of light, and are able to create electric spheres. Developed a secret underground arsenal in the substations of the Electromechanic Eel Station and a facility to find and extract the light skins, hiding their in various orders of train runs and attaching invisibly to eltailangium.
  • Puritis – Structures that help to filter and purify the air in Mechabutzia.
  • Purges – Events where large amounts of mechanical creations are destroyed in order to clear space or eliminate a threat.
  • Subdermal spheres – Used by workers, they are metal spheres that move through the underworks of Mechabutia and other areas. A fluid is applied to the sphere to lubricate it.


  • Apotheosis crystal – A rare crystal that has the ability to enhance the power of machinery.
  • Phthuff – A source of light, brought with the arrival of the Harbingers.
  • Pistonium – A substance used as a support in the structure of Olioto.
  • Powder – An explosive substance found in the subterranean part of the Mechabutzia
  • Vehelicium – A magical electro-mechanical substance.

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