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With no celestial bodies in this plane of existence, lighting in Mechabutzia comes from unusual sources.


Phthuff is an important substance in Mechabutzia that provides bright light when excited with a small electrical charge.

A limited quantity of phthuff exists. It was brought in volume by the Harbringers during the "Phthuff Occurance", stored in tubes. Over time, the substance found its way into the hands of other races and devleoped into various technologies.

  • Phthuff flange is a system of wonderful pipes that spout light and echo throughout the most populated areas of Mechabutzia.
  • A phthuff tube is a hand-held device that provides a never-ending flow of light.
  • Uncharged phthuff also has biochemical properties, and can be injected or applied topically. See phthuff syringe.

For the purpose of interacting with game mechanics, bright light shed by phthuff is considered to be sunlight.

Wilderness Hazards[edit]

Maintenance Hatch[edit]

Many areas of Mechabutzia are sealed with maintenance hatches dating back to the first era. A hatch can only be opened with a special mechabutzian wrench. The hatches are numbered to show the age they were built in relative to when Mechabutzia had major construction.

A typical hatch appears to be made of reinforced iron (AC 18) or steel (AC 19), has 200 hit points and a damage treshold of 10. There is usually some sort of locking mechanism, usually a large cylinder or oval shape that connects with some sort of padlock. Some of the hatches have been destroyed by time and wear and need to be repaired. These are marked with a red X on the outside.

Example Maintenance
d10 Hatch Description
1 Hatch .1357 Located underground near the peristaltic purge.
2 Mec Archives Usually sealed with mechabutlers, rarely open for inspection.
3 Basement Storage Locks Doors for various locked storage spaces located below ground near the Courtyard Dome. Only a mechabutzian wrench can open these locks.
4 Garden.886 These buttons can control water. Without someone assigned to supervise them, the controls for certain fountains can become deactivated. Or worse, broken.
5 Courtyard Sustainability Lab.830 Was recently opened after reconstruction, still sealed off at this moment.
6 Atrium Respiration Facility 752 This is a combination oxygen tank/filter machine for inhabitants, both living and undead. The fish inside of it serve as filters. This room can also be used to feed either zombies or Slimekins through tubes in the machine.
7 Library.545 On shelf 61 are books bound in weathered leather.
8 Stables.686 Covered in peeling white paint, stands the hulk of the last sentient sledhorse seen to the south before Mechabutzia was founded. If approached, the old steed growls ferociously and sets to work gnawing a chunk of the forest around it. When the meat is gone, it simply rises to nibble another tree.
9 Lockdowns.967 High ranking member of the Golden Order is trapped inside this hatch during a lockdown.
10 Upper Controls.690 Constructed in 1926, this third level controls the lift mechanism and other mechanisms of the reservoir roof.


Scavenging Table
d100 Items Found
1 1d4 valve shafts
2 1d4-1 galvanic coils
3 1d4 shattered crank shafts
4 Phthuff tube
5 1d4 copper coins
6 1d4-1 pieces of nambikar
7 1d4-1 cracked spark plugs
8 1d4 used mantis pincers
9 1d4 damaged gears
10 1d4 used electrical circuits
11 A bottle of Grolly Water
12 A box of nails
13 A piece of a door
14 A bucket of goo
15 A set of keys
16 A set of weights
17 Piece of sheet anchorsteel
18 1d4 pistonium barrels
19 Chunk of powder
20 1d4 strands of vehelicium
21 Pistonium barrel
22 Pistonium shavings
23 Piece of oilioun bone
24 Three pieces of limeed shell
25 Stabilized blister
26 Gumganglon Sand wheel
27 1d4 zircons of glass
28 Control panel
29 Copper brain pulverizer
30 Hookah pipe
31 1d4 gears of lightning
32 Thumbsucker brush
33 1d4 pieces of deviltools
34 Pangrax ribbon
35 Spider fungus
36 Jar of pig tail grease
37 jar of smelling salts
38 1d4 Dead ender tubings
39 Fan belt
40 Ashcuda shell
41 Sack holding 1d6 purple orbs
42 Placard saying "try not to get thrown out"
43 Wire meshing
44 Rust-coated rock
45 1d4 shiny filaments
46 One tenth of a box of needlessly helpful tools
47 Half a repair tag
48 Handle of a cart
49 Jar of goop
50 Scrap of spongy insides
51 Stone which reads: Jobe dorian?
52 A lizard petting ball
53 Half a wheel axel
54 Teeth ace of spades
55 Shell casings
56 Large pocket flask of water
57 Rope lasso
58 Can of fruit milk
60 Just a plain old hammer
61 1d4 used eyeballs
65 1d4 optic lenses
67 A stick
68 Pieces of a glue mold thingie
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